My dog ​​does not sleep at night, what can I do?

A very common problem is dogs that do not let their owners sleep. Or because they have insomnia or why they cry, especially when they are still puppies.

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In order to solve the problems that your pet has to sleep, you must first identify the cause. You should try to understand what is causing your dog to sleep.

In the following article of ExpertAnimal we will explain what can make a dog not sleep all night , and what to do to solve the problem.

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Why does not your dog sleep?

There are many factors that can affect the sleep of your dog, but then we will summarize the most common:

  • Noises : As with you, an excess of noise, fireworks or a storm can cause your dog to not sleep.
  • Health problems : your dog can not talk and tell you that something hurts him. If you see that your puppy is unable to sleep suddenly, it may be because something hurts. In this case you should go with him to the vet to rule out that insomnia is due to an illness.
  • Cold or heat : Any excess can affect your dog to not be able to sleep. So, think about where to put your pet’s bed. Remember that moisture also influences the comfort of your pet at bedtime.
  • Excess food : Excessive dinner can cause heavy digestion of your pet. Try to always give dinner to your dog for at least an hour before going to sleep. Good advice will be to divide the dog’s daily food into two or three meals so that it will help you be satiated longer and not have heavy digestion.
  • Lack of Exercise : A very important point in achieving a dog’s happiness is exercise. If your pet does not get enough, you will be nervous, restless and not at all calm. If you believe that this may be the main problem do not hesitate to consult our article on how many times you should walk the dog or the exercises for adult puppies .

How you can help the puppy to sleep

It is common for a dog to have trouble sleeping. Try putting yourself for a second on your skin. They have just separated from their mother, are in an environment they do not know and with strangers, how would you feel? This point is especially important if you have separated the dog too early . You should never separate a dog from your mother before 2 months, your physical and mental health can be affected.

The first important rule to get your puppy to sleep soundly is to maintain a routine . Establish a schedule of rides, games and meals and respect it to the letter. An orderly life generates much more tranquility in the dog.

The dog must have its space, its zone. Ideally it would have a small house, in any pet shop you can find dog houses with padded soils. Or you can also make a bed for your dog .

A puppy has a lot of energy, so make sure you do the necessary exercise and exhaust all that energy within you. In the first week put a watch near your bed so he hears the tick tick. The sound will reassure your puppy once you remember the beating of your mother’s heart.

Warm up your dog’s bed with a blow-dryer before he lies down. Also can put a hot water bag, this heat will relax the dog and will help you to sleep all night.

Attention : some people put an electric blanket under the bed. This is a good idea whenever you take precautions. You should make sure that the dog can not reach the handle as it should not have direct contact with the electric blanket itself. It is best to wrap the blanket with a towel.

In the first days it is normal for the dog to cry. Although it costs you, you should not go to him constantly. The puppy will begin to relate that every time you cry you get their attention. Remember that this step is a bit complicated because we must teach the dog how to behave and it will be fundamental that all members of the family follow the same rules.

How to make the dog sleep

A dog sleeps for 13 hours a day, about 8 or 9 a night. The remaining hours are naps that you do during the day. If you have ruled out your dog having a health problem and can not sleep, check out the following points:

  • Site : Is the place where the dog sleeps appropriate? If you sleep in a bed, try making it a little house. As in the case of the puppy, a little house will give you peace of mind. I’m sure you’ll fall asleep faster.
  • Exercise : It is critical. If your dog has not exhausted all the energy within it, it is impossible for him to get to sleep. In fact, the problem is not just not being able to sleep. A pet that does not perform the necessary exercise is an unhappy pet that can suffer with too much stress.
  • Dinner : Remember to give the last meal of the day before it’s time to go to sleep. Bad digestion takes sleep from anyone.
  • Routines : Does your dog always walk at the same times? There is nothing worse for a dog than a lack of routine. Any change in the life of your pet should be done bit by bit.
  • Noises : Have you ever wondered if the dog sleeps when there are noises? It may be that the area you have chosen for your sleeping dog is not adequate because it has street noise or something that makes your dog nervous.

As we explained in the previous point with the puppy, a good trick is to warm the dog’s bed before bedtime. If you see that with all these changes your dog is still not sleeping, you should consult an animal behavior specialist .

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