My dog ​​will not let anyone near me

Every time a person approaches you while walking with your dog, does it start barking? This behavior is due to jealousy . Your dog does not want to share you with anyone else and try to get your attention without stopping.

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Jealousy can cause anxiety in the animal and can even cause health problems. Therefore, it is very important to try to resolve this attitude as soon as possible by consulting a specialist if necessary.

If your dog does not let anyone approach you , keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide in which we give you some tips to try to solve this situation.

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Symptoms of a jealous dog

If your dog shows any of the following behavior when someone approaches you, then it is a clear symptom that you are jealous:

  • Barking : you start barking uncontrollably every time another person approaches or even another animal is because it is trying to get your attention to pay attention to it.
  • Urine all over the house : when it comes to some home visit your dog urinates on all sides. It is a way of marking the house and making clear to the intruder that this is their territory, at the same time that it catches their attention.
  • Do not go away from him : chase after him and go between your legs when you talk to someone else? This is because he does not want to lose sight of it and wants it just for him. When the dog does not look aggressive, we may see this gesture as kind and even funny, but the truth is that it is a jealous dog that needs to learn to share it with other people.
  • Aggressiveness : this is the most acute and dangerous phase of jealousy. When someone approaches you he shows his teeth, snarls and even tries to bite at that person. Your dog shows signs of great instability and, in this case, it is best to consult a professional.
  • Other behavioral changes : each dog is different and each shows jealousy in a different way. Often these jealousy causes an anxiety in our furry friend that causes him to have obsessive behaviors like licking the paws , to eat in excess or to stop eating. When the situation becomes unsustainable, it is best to consult a professional to help you solve the problem before your dog’s health gets worse.

How to treat or problem?

If your dog does not let anyone approach you, you must take your education very seriously so that there are no problems of this kind, problems in your health or become aggressive with other people.

Each time your puppy begins to show jealousy, it should be you to tell him a firm “No” , never the other person. It should make him see that he does not like this attitude but does not pay too much attention to him, because that’s what he’s looking for.

Neither should you completely ignore him, teach him the basic order of “sit” and “quiet” and when you approach another person tell him to be calm. When you do what you are saying, give it a reward in the form of treat or treat.

The use of positive reinforcement is fundamental to address these problems, never punishment or violence . If you are too hard on him, he will reinforce your feelings. If you see you approach the other person in a curious way, let him smell and become familiar with it, that’s a good sign.

If your dog is not aggressive, he can do test exercises with acquaintances, so that the dog associates the presence of another person with something good . The three of you can go for a walk, the other person can give you affection and play with the ball together. If it works, you can ask other friends to help you, so that the dog gets accustomed to the presence of different people.

If your dog continues to be afraid and does not let anyone approach you, do not force the situation and progress little by little. Most importantly, he must take the initiative .

Limit situations

If after trying positive reinforcement and with the help of friends your dog will not let anyone approach you, then it is time to consult an ethologist or canine educator to help you control the animal’s jealousy.

If you are an aggressive dog, and especially if it is large, you should put a muzzle on the street to avoid biting other people until you are recovered.

Remember that jealousy is a problem with solution and with the help of an expert the relationship with your puppy will be healthier and he will be more balanced and happy.

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