My dog ​​wants to bite my son, what to do?

From the moment you decide to adopt a pet, you need to be clear about the rules that will govern the behavior of the puppy and the behaviors that will be allowed, to avoid unwanted situations and problems with other family members or the visits you receive at home.

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The puppy wanting to bite the child from home is usually a frequent problem among dog owners, but should be corrected to avoid accidents with children and preserve harmony at home. Therefore, in this article of ExpertAnimal we will explain to you what to do if your dog wants to bite your child with some advice that will help you reverse this situation.

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The importance of education

Educating your puppy since puppy in the treatment and relation that must have with the family members is fundamental to develop an affective bond free of grudges and to prevent the pet from becoming a problem.

However, when we talk about the puppy’s education we often forget that it is also necessary to teach the children at home to treat the animal, not only to take care of it, but also to respect it and to give it its space, avoiding being a cause of persecution for the animal.

This is often difficult to understand for many children because they see the dog as a toy , big or small, that is able to move and respond to the stimuli that they provide. This is usually one of the main causes of a family dog ​​biting or suddenly attacking the child at home, because the animal’s patience is exhausted by the child’s uncomfortable behavior.

It is important to note that this type of behavior is never the animal’s fault , it has to do with a normal reaction to something that they consider a threat (the child sticks to them or takes their food, for example), or a dominant behavior that it was not corrected in time and that starts to be uncomfortable only when there are children at home.

Also, remember that a dog that is tied to a chain, has some pain or discomfort, among other factors, will become hostile to its surroundings, in an attempt to protect itself from possible aggressors, including when it comes to their owners.

It may also happen that the puppy’s teeth are coming out , something that causes pain and discomfort. When this occurs, we should teach our dog to bite the toys and teethers within reach, congratulating him positively when he does.

What can trigger a dog’s violence?

In addition to a behavior caused by the pain of the birth of the teeth, the dog may bite “violently” for some reasons. Before you know what to do about this type of behavior, you should know the factors that may be triggering this attitude:

  • Jealousy . Maybe your dog was the center of attention first, and since the child was at home you neglected it and placed it in the background. Therefore, he feels sad and is trying to defend himself from that invader of his territory.
  • Inappropriate games . It is possible that your child, when playing, will shake the ground with the dog or imitate a “fight” by measuring his strength with him. If the animal wins multiple times, it will give you the feeling that it is superior to the child, so you can try to put it to your will in another way, like biting it.
  • The dog is a toy . If it is the people who allow the children to treat the dog like a toy, bothering it while sleeping, putting it on glue or interrupting its moment to eat, it is very likely that the animal will try to put the children in their place to get rid of this situation.
  • Lack of education . It has not catered to your dog in the friendly treatment with the family and in the socialization, reason why the reactions of the animal become unpredictable.
  • Thanks . In canine language, hugs can be interpreted as a threat, and it is very likely that the dog will react violently if the child tries to show affection in this way.
  • Ill treatment . If your dog stays tied to a chain all day, receives a poor diet or is mistreated, how do you want to treat your children well?
  • Fear . It is possible that your child runs screaming around the house or the garden and makes noise with their games, making the animal nervous.
  • Grunts . Perhaps your child will try to play with the dog by imitating his grunts and showing his teeth, but these signs will be misinterpreted by the dog, because the animal will not understand that it is a joke.

What to do to resolve the situation?

With the dog:

  • First, do not be afraid of the dog. This is a puppy, will not hurt anyone, except for small bites.
  • If you bite or try to bite your child, first make sure it is not a game, and if you see that it is a negative attitude refer to a canine educator or ethologist . Just as you would take your child to a professional if needed, you should do the same with your puppy.
  • Never use violence to try to teach you something.
  • In the case of jealousy, try spending more time with the animal , enjoying rides and games with it. It should include you in your daily routine, teach you obedience, carry out activities and give you caringo,
  • Teach your dog the “quiet” order to understand when it is enough and should stop a behavior.
  • Have the vaccines up-to-date so you can avoid possible diseases in the event of any bites.

With the child:

  • Teach him to respect the space of the animal . Educate him to stop thinking that it’s fun to hurt the dog, bother him when he’s sleeping or touching his food. You must understand that it is a living being that feels and can get angry when it upsets you.
  • Do not allow wild games . Teach him to be affectionate, respectful, calm and agreeable with the dog.
  • Do not let the ball off the dog or any toy you are using. Puppies suffering from resource protection may respond very negatively.
  • The child should expect the dog to approach him for companionship, not vice versa. When the dog approaches, it is best to let him smell his hand before taking the next step.
  • Never let him pet unknown animals.
  • Do not caress the dog over the head, tail or paws, choose the face or neck.
  • Avoid running and screaming around the animal.

Remember to always supervise the interaction between your child and your puppy to detect possible negative behaviors in either. To make them get along is very easy, it should only educate each one to respect the space of the other.

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