My cat steals food, why?

Have you ever found your cat climbing the kitchen counter trying to steal a piece of food? Or, almost climbing to the table to steal food from your plate? If the answers are affirmative do not worry anymore because in the ExpertAnimal we will explain the possible reasons why your cat steals food and how to correct this inappropriate behavior.

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Educating a cat since he was a child is essential in order to get his pet to understand what he can and can not do and how to behave and live with his human family. However, sometimes animals learn unwanted and uncomfortable behaviors for us. So in this article titled ” My cat steals me food, why ?” You can find out the factors that may have fueled this behavior and you will also discover how to re-educate your cat to stop stealing food.

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Why do cats steal food?

We know that the fact that your kitten takes the least carelessness to steal food from the kitchen counter or that rises directly to the table when you are eating to ask for and / or steal food is a very uncomfortable situation but why do cats steal food?

To know the answer to this question it is necessary to review the behavior of our pet and the habits you have acquired with us, their owners. Perhaps the problem has started for us or maybe not, but what is certain is that this is a behavior that should be stopped and corrected as soon as possible, because it can become serious with a setback if for example the cat ingest some food that is toxic to your body.

Then we review the possible reasons why cats steal food.

Do not like your cat food

One of the main reasons cats steal food is that they do not like their food, that is, their food or the moist food they have at their disposal is not to their liking or does not completely satisfy them , and so steal food from where they can and when they can.

Remember that cats are carnivorous animals , so it is recommended that you give them a feed that contains mainly meat and is not mixed with other food products like refined flours, cereals, etc … If you believe that the ration that is giving the cat is not the most appropriate and notices that he does not like it very much because he leaves some and does not eat it, ideally it changes brand, buy a better quality ration and try experimenting until you get the best ration for the your cat, or better yet, you can experiment with making your own homemade cat food .

It is also possible that the ration or the moist food you give is to your liking, but your cat does not eat it because it is past. Cats are very meticulous animals and do not eat everything they give them. So in some cases the solution is very easy: simply serve the amount of daily foodthat touches you (according to age and body weight) at the right time, and after eating remove the food. This way you will not get wasted food and lose its quality.

In addition, we may also think that our cat does not eat its food, not because it is spoiled or because we do not find its preferred ration, but rather because it likes more than it has in our plate on the table. The truth is that it is not quite like this. There is nothing that cats like more than food that is thought specifically for them.

Have a bad habit

If you have already found the best ration or moist food for your pet and still your cat steals food, it is possible that the problem goes further and that it is a bad habit that you have acquired over time.

It is possible that at some point in his life, the cat had climbed up the table while we ate and we ended up giving a little piece of meat or tuna that we were eating. At that moment the reinforcement of a bad habit began, since the cat understood that it was normal to eat the food of our plate and still more if we were the one that we offer to him. If this situation has been repeated more than once over time, it is very logical that the cat steals food from the kitchen or the table, because this is a learned behavior for him .

The solution to ending the bad habit is to create a new one, so be aware of the tips of the next point.

What is the solution?

The truth is that it is not easy to teach a new habit and still less to cats, that we all know how special they are. Therefore, the ideal is to educate them always since they are small because the sooner they learn better and also you must have a lot of patience with them. But if your cat is already adult and steals food, do not worry there is still hope.

First, we must be aware of and help the cat eradicate this bad habit by avoiding leaving unprotected food at the table or in the kitchen (including debris), and we should not offer more food from our hand while we are eating.

Also, if we ever get distracted and see that the cat is approaching to steal some food that has been forgotten or that goes up the table with that intention, what we have to do is to draw your attention by saying “NO” to firm and serene form , and away from that place taking him in his arms and not letting in until he had hidden all the food and remains. That way the cat will understand little by little that he can not do that.

Another way for the cat to understand that he can not steal food is by wetting him with a water spray every time he intends to. Water spouts are a thing that bothers them greatly and if every time they want to steal some food we spray them with a little water, little by little the cat will understand that one should not get closer to food that is not his own.

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