My cat stares at me steadily. Because?

The cats look is one of the most attractive features of this species. Not only because of the different shades of color Iris may present, but also because of the expressive color that may be due to its large size. All these characteristics make them very attractive.

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Perhaps this is the reason why so many myths and superstitions have been created around the look of the feline look. There are those who believe that they are capable of feeling the supernatural presences that have the power to see the soul or aura of people. If you think about it, it is normal to be nervous when your cat stares at you. Would you like to know why the cats are staring into the guardian’s eyes ? Keep reading because we have the answer!

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The feline look

Cats’ big eyes as well as being able to see everything that happens around them, are also fascinating to humans. It is impossible not to be practically mesmerized by staring at a cat and even to appreciate the obvious way of raising and lowering the pupils according to the amount of light.

If you know a little about your feline behavior, you know that the eyes help you “read” part of his reactions . The expressiveness they reveal, along with other signs, will tell you if he is nauseous, thoughtful, comfortable, scared, threatening, etc. This whole set of signs is called body language .

Cat’s body language

Contrary to what many people think, the body language of cats is transparent. You just have to read the signs. The ears, tail and eyes are what let you know how it feels. A bristling cat is upset and ready to attack, or feels threatened. If, on the other hand, the ears and tail are raised, s feel happy and excited.

Wide eyes and straight ears indicate fun and curiosity, while looking at you with half-closed eyes means that you feel relaxed with yourself. Now that you know a few tricks to decipher how your cat feels, it’s time to find out why he stares at you in different situations.

My cat looks at me a lot and mine.

There are several reasons why your furry friend mie while staring into your eyes. One is because you are hungry . Each cat asks for food in its own way. Some sit quietly on their plate, silently, while others chase tutors all over the house, and some even decide to go directly to the kitchen to look for any leftover food at some table. Others stare into the tutor’s eyes hoping he understands the message. So if your cat chases you and is looking at you all the time, maybe it’s time to see if something is missing from his pot.

Another possible reason is that you feel pain and malaise and want you to pay attention to it. Although some cats hide and avoid any kind of companionship if they are ill, since they prefer to avoid any kind of threat because they feel more vulnerable, others prefer to immediately warn their favorite human. This is a sign that your cat feels enough confidence in you and knows that you will do everything possible to care for and protect him.

Cat staring at the owner

If a cat feels threatened , either by you or someone else, it can have two attitudes: it moves away to a corner and begins licking itself, implying that it does not seek any kind of conflict, or prepares for a possible attack, staring at the supposed attacker, grunting and snorting .

These sounds are very different from the ones you use when you are teasing to order food or treats, because the tone is much sharper, evidencing violence. If this happens, it is best for you to step out of your cat’s visual field, or blink several times, moving your head from side to side (this signal allows the cat to notice that you are relaxed and have no intentions of hurt).

My cat watches me while I sleep.

Cats are curious animals , which causes almost everything to catch their attention. That’s why your cat likes to follow you around the house and stare at everything you do, because you are interested in knowing what makes his favorite human. Cooking, doing other duties, working and even sleeping is a mystery to the cat, so looking at yourself is one of his favorite hobbies.

Also, if he joins you at bedtime, you may very well look at him in a very peculiar way, which consists of blinking lazily . If this happens, congratulations! This means that your cat loves you and that you feel incredibly comfortable with you.

This behavior is typical of when the cat nestles to sleep with you or when you are receiving pampering and caresses. The feline wants you to know that he is relaxed and only devotes this look to the beings with whom he feels better. He loves your company, in a nutshell, it’s a sign that he really loves you!

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