My cat sleeps a lot – why?

If you have a cat at home already noticed this, we often think “How can this cat spend all day sleeping?”, However this feat has an evolutionary foundation behind the answer. In fact, these boys are very sleepers, but … Why do cats sleep so much?

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Evolutionary explanation

Experts say that the fact that a cat spends a large part of the sleeping time is due to genetic-evolutionary reasons. Cats in their instinct feel they are effective predators , so from an evolutionary point of view and survival they do not need much more than a few hours of the day to hunt their prey and feed themselves, in such a way that we could consider that the rest of the time the cat understands it as idle or free time in its animal dimension, and what does it? Sleeps!

The first thing you should know is that cats are more active between dusk and dawn , which means they sleep mostly during the day and become more active in the twilight hours. This may come as a surprise to you if it is the first time you have a cat.

An open eye

Just as people, cats, doze off between a light sleep and a very deep sleep . When your cat takes a nap (which lasts for about fifteen minutes to a half hour), it will not position your body so that it will find the best position to sleep for many hours, at that moment it will have an “open eye” and attentive to any stimulus.

During deep sleep, cats experience rapid brain movement . Deep sleep tends to last for about five minutes, after which the cat goes to sleep again. This shallow and deep sleep pattern continues until the cat wakes up.

From a social – adaptive point of view

Cats do not need to go out for a walk every day, for example with a dog, so it becomes one of the most sedentary pets in our homes, a characteristic that makes it a stupendous animal for those who do not have too much time to devote to them. In this way they also get used to living in a “glass vial” inside our house and this also helps them to spend about 70% of the time sleeping .

Not all cats are so quiet!

Although it is true that a certain sedentarism is an inherent characteristic of the cat, not all of them have the same degree, there are much more restless cats, for example the Abyssinian cat, known to be one of the most active. So a good advice we can give you since the Animal Expert is that when it comes to acquiring a kitten study a little what the general character of the breed is to make you and your mate adapt as best as possible.

However, bear in mind that patterns of conduct in race are just references , then each individual animal can develop different personalities.

The rain makes you sleep more

It should come as no surprise that cats are affected by the weather, just like us. Cat behavior can vary greatly depending on your breed, age, temperament and overall health. But whatever the usual arrangement of your kitten, it has already been proven that cats sleep more when the weather so requires. If even your cat is an inhabitant of the interior, a day of rain and cold can sleep much more than normal.

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