My cat just had a puppy, is it normal?

If you decided to create with our cat and she only had a kitten it is normal for you to worry, since as a general rule cats are known to reproduce in a rampant way, is that your case?

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In this Animal Expert article we will talk about the main reasons that answer the question: my cat only had a puppy, is it normal? It’s actually more common than you might think.

Keep reading and find out the reasons for this situation as well as some factors that may help prevent this from happening.


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Probable Causes of Just One Puppy

As with other mammals, some factors influence during pregnancy : age, good physical health, sperm, feeding, and number of successful mating times may be some examples of this. Whatever the reason you have had only one puppy, it is not serious, it happens often.

We must take into account that pregnancy is a very delicate state in any animal, it is very important to set a minimum age to begin to make breeding as well as seek to give you well-being, tranquility and good nutrition.

Age of cat

Of course, who can best advise you on this circumstance is the veterinarian, only he can rule out the symptoms of some disease in the feline as well as give him some advice for this.

Other Options

You probably already know that there are cat refuges in your community or country. If you are passionate about cats or are looking to increase the family, why not go to these institutions?

You should know that breeding cats is neither advisable nor sympathetic. While your cat suffers discomforts during pregnancy there are millions of little kittens who want someone to adopt them to take care of them, that person can be you.

We know it’s nice to have a descendant of our beloved pet, we think we’ll have a little bit of it in the new kitten, but the truth is we’re taking the opportunity to make another kitten happy that may have been abandoned.

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