My cat is scared, how can I help you?

Cats are very sensitive animals to the environment around them and can be frightened with some ease. Whether it is the arrival of a party, fireworks or because it is a cat that has been adopted in a refuge, this attitude is more common than you think and is the reason for a veterinary consultation.

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At YourCatCareguide we want to help you with some advice to know what to do if your cat is very scared, with tips to help you. In these moments we must know how to deal with the situation, not to become a trauma to life, because in the adult phase fears are more difficult to treat. Keep reading and answer the question: Scared cat, what to do?

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Knowing Your Cat

Doubts arise when a cat comes home, especially if he has never lived with one before. First, let him watch and explore the house by himself. He must see how he behaves before the new and the unknown, how he discovers the spaces, if he wants us to accompany him to introducehim to his new home , etc. First impressions are always important. Try not to have bad experiences for your adaptation to be a success.

It can show you the different cat toys to see how you react to them, whether you like feathers, lights or rattles. If you see that someone disturbs or bothers you, you should remove it, maybe you can offer it when you are an adult, because at this point you can already see the toy in another way.

To get to know him better continue to encourage exploration of the environment in which you live, something that can take time. If the habit in your home is to put music in the morning, you may be surprised to hear that cats like music . You can use it as another way to convey certain emotional states, such as calm and relaxation.

Basically what you should take into account are Hertz levels (unit of sound measurement), which in cats goes from 30 up to 65,000 Hz, while we as humans only hear up to 20,000 Hz. This helps us to know that the Cats are so sensitive to sounds in general. Home music at low levels does not usually bother them, regardless of the taste of the owners.

A safe environment

At the time of receiving the cat at home, the mission of creating a safe environment should already be studied and analyzed to avoid accidents. But we know cats and are aware of their explored nature. They, in their attempt to find out, will encounter dangers they had never imagined.

The socialization phase of the cat is very important for a correct integration in the family and at home, also to avoid fears in its adult phase. Socialization begins early, but it is around 8 weeks of life that you should be alert to not having negative experiences that affect you throughout your life. Traumas that lead to fears for shoes, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc. are famous.

The reactions are usually different depending on the cat, but the most common ones are running, running away from the “attacking object” and perhaps finding a hiding place to hide until the attacker disappears. This can happen in front of us or when we are not at home with them, which will be harder to identify when trying to help you.

If you think your home is a safe place for your hair ball, until you show us the opposite, we should not act. In this case, you should provide him with protection, comfort, or simply to note that the “assailant” is not so bad trying to go with him to him.

This is often very useful in inanimate objects and does not generate annoying noises for the little one. Nice caresses or pieces of food are often an excellent reinforcement for our cat to positively relate the objects or people he or she is afraid of.

Stressful moments and moments for the cat

The days of meetings, parties, and celebrations are often a stressful time for our cat . Overall, in big cities it’s usually worse, and our pets go awry and we suffer for them without knowing what we can do.

When it comes to a child, we still have time to avoid the appearance of fears at parties, so the first thing to do is try to get a good impression of them and also feel accompanied in these moments. The use of positive reinforcement is very important in this case.

Remember that you should never move the puppy to another place or leave you alone on these dates because we do not know how you will react, something that may jeopardize your emotional stability and may even put you in a dangerous situation by trying hide, for example.

At the time of the fireworks , few will not be frightened. The ideal is to be with them and observe their reaction. They may try to escape to a safe place (closet, under the bed, etc.), stand by our side with a state of alert or respond to nothing and try to escape to anywhere.

Remember that the first impression on something unknown is what counts, so if you try to take it in your arms to comfort and do not want to, let the puppy look for what feels safer for him, which is not always what we want or want. Let him explore and find out what is best for him right now.

How to help a scared kitten?

Now that you know your feline and know what your reactions are like, you can act accordingly . If you see that your comfort has not been of great help and that you have spent all night in the bathroom behind the toilet or inside a closet, it is time to act.

If reinforcement and patience can not calm your cat down, you can always go to the veterinarian and tell him what happened and together find alternate paths according to your preferences. You do not need to take your furry friend to the specialist, as he does not want to cause you more stress, just tell you in detail what happened.

It should be remembered that the cat should follow his routine, as every day, and for this should not change his places of food and drink or hygiene. You should not be frightened or overexcited, so the cat will feel that we are a protection for him and lastly, do not forget to respect him as a living being, if you want to hide, let him hide, it is part of the coexistence to respect each other.

Very serious cases

Particularly suitable for festive seasons when fireworks are used, there is the option of offering allopathic medicines . However, remember that the drugs will not help the fear to disappear, they will simply reduce your stress levels. This should be your last option.

What can also be useful is homeopathy and Bach’s floral . For both small and adult cats, the results are excellent and have no side effects. To do this, you should speak to a veterinarian or holistic therapist to guide you.

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