My cat is obsessed with food – Causes and Treatment

Does your cat eat everything you put in the trough, beyond anything that falls on the ground? Also, do you get mad when you smell a can of food you’ve opened and beg for food all the time?

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The obsession with food is a very common problem for many cat carers who do not know what to do to avoid or correct it, knowing that it is not something healthy for the animal. In fact, your cat could have bad behaviors and aggressive attitudes towards his environment if his will is not fulfilled.

In this article from ExpertAnimal we will explain to you what to do if your cat is obsessed with food , explaining the main causes and some of the treatments you can apply to solve this problem.

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Why is your cat obsessed with food?

Let’s go straight to the source, the food. In this area we could find the first cause. Although your cat is eating all day, you may not be feeding enough , which is very different. Look closely at the physical makeup of your cat and see if you are abnormally weak or if you are overweight or obese.

Most cats only need to be fed 1 or 2 times a day, but if they are not feeding them, or if they receive poor quality food, they will always look for food, both to feel full and to nourish themselves.

It is good to remember that it is very important to provide a high quality protein to a young cat. A cat’s appetite is directly related to its protein needs, so if they are not receiving digestible proteins, they will be hungry.

If you have other animals at home, make sure to separate the food . For example, dogs are food thieves specialists. It can also happen in case you have several cats at home. Make sure that all pets in your household receive food.

Symptom of an illness

Another cause that can make your cat go crazy with food is some disease . Many health problems can lead to changes in behavior and cause a large increase in the cat’s appetite .

But it should not panic, most of them are usually treatable if they detect themselves in time. These include the following: hyperthyroidism or hyperactivity of the thyroid gland, diabetes (sugar reduction causes you to eat and drink more), Cushing’s Syndrome and digestive problems.

Emotional disorder in cats and boredom

It has recently been discovered that cats may suffer from emotional psychological disorders, which lead to harmful behaviors such as the obsession with food .

Your cat might be suffering from the disorder known as psychogenic abnormal eating behavior. Psychogenic means that the disorder has a root that is emotional or psychological rather than physical. Basically it means that your cat is addicted to food .

The causes are still unknown, but the treatment is based on behavior modification training, called a behavioral therapy course. Take your cat to an appointment with an animal behavior specialist to properly diagnose him, but first make sure you have the following signs:

  • After you eat your own food, you will eat the food from other household animals.
  • Not only does he beg for food while you are eating, but he is also able to jump to the table and steal your food straight from the dishes.
  • She growls desperately as she puts the food in the trough.
  • Excessive attention-seeking behavior.
  • Try to eat objects and elements that are not food.

Part of the rehabilitation of your cat will carry out the following dynamics:

  • Play time and interaction with him.
  • Boredom is associated with stress in cats, which in some cases cause the cat to eat even if he is not hungry.
  • Reward good behavior and ignore the bad.
  • Enrich the home environment with scratchers, toys and cat homes.
  • It is very important not to have food circulating around the house, except for the time of eating. This applies not only to cat food but also to human food. Remember that he does not make any distinction.

Help you overcome obsession

There are some tips you can follow at home and go watch over your cat’s progress. You may be able to treat your obsession with food, but keep in mind that this requires patience and may take some time. Constancy will be part of the long-term solution. Here are some tips to help your cat obsessed with food:

  • Strive to find the best quality food possible. With this you are sure that your food has a high level of protein that will help you stay fuller for longer. You can also choose to search for food with a satiating effect.
  • Twice a week include a small amount of moist food in your dry food and mix it together. This will make him more attractive to him and will be less willing to eat other things.
  • At the same time, dry food will make your cat want to drink more water and this will help you stay healthy and satiated.
  • Never leave feed available for it during the day. Respect the routines. Feed it at regular times or use it only for small amounts several times a day.
  • Each time you start asking for food, ignore it. Leave the room or close yourself in another, you should not give in with prizes or treats for cats.
  • Restrict your cat’s free exposure to food of any kind. Do not eat in front of him, adjust your schedules to yours and eat together.
  • Meals must be regulated, and for any reason there must be additional food.
  • Spend quality time with your cat, this will make you feel less bored and therefore less anxious.

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