My cat goes up the Christmas tree – How to avoid

The Christmas parties are approaching and with them the time to assemble the Christmas tree and decorate it. But this family moment we like so much is synonymous with difficulties for many cat owners, as these playful creatures like to climb the Christmas tree or to destroy it a little in joking mode.

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To prevent this long-awaited moment from turning into a little nightmare due to our acrobatic cats, in YourCatCareguide we will give you a series of advices to prevent your cat from climbing the Christmas tree . Keep reading and discover our advice.

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Steps to follow:

The first step is to choose the type of tree that is most appropriate for you and your cat. Between a natural Christmas tree and a synthetic one, perhaps the latter is the safest option because its branches are less sharp than those of a natural tree. Choosing a small tree can be a good choice if your cat is a puppy, because if things went bad the tree could fall on him and hurt him.

Choose a tree that has a very firm and solid base , to keep it as stable as possible in case your cat jumps up on it. If you prefer to choose a natural tree, keep in mind that your cat may poison himself by drinking water from the tree, so avoid using fertilizers or products that can be harmful to your cat.

We advise you to avoid trees that are too tall, because if your cat goes to the tree and falls, the damage may be greater.

Then try to put the tree in the most appropriate place to prevent your cat from climbing it. You have to put the tree in a free place with space around avoiding objects or furniture nearby, because it would be a great temptation for the cat to climb on them and jump to the Christmas tree.

The ideal would be to fix the tree to the ceiling or to the wall , to give more stability and to prevent that it falls with facility. If possible, you should close the room where the tree is at night or when no one is present to prevent the cat from having access to it.

After placing the tree, you can let your cat approach it and investigate it a bit, but if it seems that you want to jump to the tree, you will have to dissuade it. For this, a good idea is to have a sprayer with water, if your cat wants to climb the tree, spray in water and say a firm “no”. After trying to climb the tree several times and being sprayed with water, he is likely to understand that the Christmas tree will not be a fun toy for him.

Now that you have set up your tree, you should cover the base of the tree with aluminum foil . The presence of aluminum foil has a certain repulsive effect on the cat because it does not like the texture of the aluminum foil or put its nails in it, so we will avoid climbing on the base to climb the tree. In addition, aluminum foil also prevents it from urinating at the base of the tree.

It’s time to choose the decorations of your tree. First you should avoid decorations that are too attractive for your cat, such as objects that are too suspended, spinning or making noise, and it is best to avoid electric garlands because they attract too much attention from cats and can be very dangerous to them. You should also avoid objects with catnip as it would be very dangerous to your cat’s health. Also be careful with decorating the tree with food or treats, remember that chocolate is toxic to cats.

We encourage you to use fabric ornaments or decorations unbreakable and large size to prevent the cat to swallow, such as dolls or big balls. After placing your Christmas tree, it is advisable to let your cat get used to it a few days before putting the ornaments.

Finally, it was such a fun time to decorate our tree and put the embellishments. If it were possible it would be better to decorate the tree when the cat is not present, to see us tinkering with the ornaments would greatly increase their interest and make them look like toys.

In addition, we advise not to decorate the lower third of the tree , more or less the part that is at the level of the cat’s vision. Having no objects at your level will lessen your curiosity and your interest in the tree and thus the probability of jumping into the Christmas tree.

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