My cat follows me in the bathroom – we explain why

Most likely you’ve experienced the situation of trying to close the bathroom door to enjoy a moment of privacy but, just at this time your cat try to get in together. Or who knows, he noticed, on returning home after a long day’s work, traces of his feline in this room. Surely you know your pussy loves you and loves your company, but is this really why he follows you? If you want to find out why your cat follows you when you go to the bathroom , Perito Animal invites you to continue reading this article with all the details about it.

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My cat follows me in the bathroom: most common causes

Cats can accompany their tutors when they go to the bathroom for various reasons : why they feel hot, why they want to drink, why they are bored or simply why they want to enjoy their company or have fun with new “toys”.

If you spend a lot of time away from home, your kitten probably wants to enjoy every moment of your home presence. So you may not just follow him to the bathroom, but also want to sleep next to you and even on top of you. Besides that, you will always beg for affection when you get home. It is a clear sign that he loves you and enjoys your company.

If it is very hot, your cat may enter the bathroom in search of the cold tile to cool , lie down and rest quietly. Usually the bathroom is the coolest environment of the house, since it usually stays in a region of lower incidence of solar rays. It is worth remembering that, especially during the summer, we must be careful to avoid heat stroke.

Your cat can also follow you to the bathroom to get fresh water . Even if we leave water in your drinking fountain, it is likely to get hot easily, especially on hotter days. To prevent this from happening, we can have a water source for cats, which are found in pet stores. And if your pussy drinks a lot of water, be sure to know the possible causes in our article ” My cat drinks a lot of water, is it normal? “.

A bathroom, many adventures

If you’ve taken a moment to watch your cat entertain for hours on end with a simple plastic bag or cardboard box, you can safely understand that your imagination and energy can transform everyday objects and everyday life into an authentic park. diversions. Likewise, the facilities of our bathroom, which for us seem very common, for them may offer the possibility of real adventures. The furniture, products, accessories and objects of the bathroom are totally new to the senses of our cats and naturally arouse a great curiosity, inherent in the feline nature.

The roll of toilet paper turns into a toy with challenging moves. Towels are real temptations to scratch, play or just throw to the floor to turn into a comfortable bed. The cabinets are excellent hiding places and the excellent shelves to climb and provide a privileged view from the height. And all this without mentioning that the bidet, the toilet, the sink, the bathtub and even the hooks for the towels, forms an authentic circuit of obstacles that our cat uses to practice its majestic jumps and aerial acrobatics. That way, your cat may accompany you in the bathroom not only to enjoy your company, but also to spend a period of entertainment with your “new toys.” If this is the real reason, you’ll probably be surprised at more than one opportunity coming in without you in the bathroom,

Are you giving proper attention to your cat’s stimulation?

When they are bored, cats can follow us everywhere simply to entertain, catch our attentionor invite us to play with them. It can also happen that they enter the bathroom to find objects (which for them are toys) that stimulate their body and mind. In such cases, such behavior is a warning that our cat needs more stimulation . For this, we can enrich your environment with toys, accessories and accessories that allow you to exercise and stay entertained even when we are not at home. You can find many options in the specialty stores or choose to make recycled toys and home scrapers, which are very simple, economical and fun.

Recall that lack of stimulation (or poor stimulation) is among the likely causes of increased aggression in cats. A feline that has fun, plays, spends energy, and gets tired daily is less likely to develop behavior associated with stress and boredom. If you notice any symptoms of stress or boredom, or notice changes in the behavior of your pussy, do not hesitate to immediately consult a veterinarian you trust. In the face of unusual behavior, it is indispensable to rule out possible pathological causes.

Beware of cleansers and cosmetics in the bathroom

Do not be surprised if you leave the door to your bathroom open and then come across several traces of feline fun inside. Your cat will naturally be attracted to different scents, textures and shapes found in the bathrooms and in other rooms in the house. Nevertheless we must be very careful with the products that we leave at your fingertips. Remember that most cleaning products contain substances that irritate or are toxic to our pets . And cosmetics and toiletries such as shampoo, soap or creams, are not fit for consumption.

To ensure the safety of our pussies during our absence, it is best to leave the bathroom door firmly closed . It is also essential to keep cleaning products, cosmetics, poisons, insecticides, and all articles that are not suitable for ingestion or contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes out of the reach of children and animals.

Does it bother you that your cat follows you into the bathroom?

Even loving our pussies deeply, it is very uncomfortable not to have total privacy at times like going to the bathroom. So if you do not like your cat following you in the bathroom and prefer to be alone in this intimate moment, you can teach him that this environment is not suitable for him. Keep in mind that cats are very smart and well-oriented animals can be easily trained to suit the behaviors of life I home. With patience, dedication and positive reinforcement, it is possible to train a feline and avoid behaviors that endanger his own health. In this specific case, as already mentioned, it is essential to provide the diverse and equipped environment in the spaces where the animals can attend the house, and do not pay attention to the beast when you go to the bathroom. Also check if it really is not a problem of stress or poor stimulation.

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