My cat does not want to go to the vet, what to do?

Going to a veterinarian with a nervous, excited and even aggressive cat is a common problem that many cat owners have. Although it does not always happen for the same reason the reality is that boards are useful for various cases.

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Taking a cat out of your comfort zone is something that most cats do not like, but we should do everything we can to get a better take on the situation.

If you want to know the advice of YourCatCareguide continue reading this article on what should do if your cat does not want to go to the vet and get once and for all take your pet to the veterinarian without incident.

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Improve cat perception

It seems that the moment you pick up the cat’s transport box, he already knows his intentions, something quite true. Cats notice and remember situations already experienced , especially if they have not been to their liking.

The reality is that to take your cat to the veterinarian with no incidents should accustom him since he was little to travel and meet new people who touch him. If this has not been possible so far to try to familiarize you with the situation let’s give you some advice:

It should be natural and maintain a quiet activity throughout the process if you become nervous the cat will notice soon. Therefore, it is important that you take your time to ensure serenity at all times.

It is very important that you do not try to pick up the cat hard and be nervous, as this will make your perception of the situation much worse.

Steps to follow to take your cat to the vet

If you want to go to the vet with your cat without problems, follow the advice that we will give you next:

  1. To get started you should be able to get the cat into the transport box , so it is essential that it is comfortable for it and that it makes it enter without problems. For this, it is important to leave it open in the middle of the house before going to the vet leaving treats inside (for example), so it will come in and out every day and relate the transport box to something positive, the delicacy. In addition to using food can include a mantel or objects to your liking to start liking your shipping box or at least not to look so bad.
  2. Once you have managed to improve the relationship of the cat and the transport box, you should prepare for the vet’s appointment and when the cat is inside you should offer him a treat and close the box. Ignore the mewed ones and reward them when you are silent and calm.
  3. During the trip try to have a calm driving so that the cat does not understand the situation as stressful, it can cover it up a bit to generate a greater acceptance of the part of it.
  4. Since the veterinarian should offer you more goodies and try to be affectionate with the cat, you can consult the specialist if there is a homeopathic product to relax and improve the quality of visits to the veterinarian.

If the trip to the veterinarian is a bit long, then we recommend that you consult our recommendations for traveling with a cat in order to be well.

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