My cat cries when I leave. Because?

There is a myth that cats are extremely independent animals. However, like dogs, felines can express displeasure, anxiety or even regret by the absence of their owners. There is no age right for them to exhibit this behavior.

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In this article by YourCatCareguide, we will answer the question ” why my cat cries when I leave “, and we will give some tips on what to do so that this does not happen. Stay alert and consult a specialist to rule out any veterinary pathology . The recurrent meows often indicate pain or some discomfort.

The closed doors

The cat is an exploratory animal . So it is so common to see him miar intensely in front of a door wanting to pass. The feline likes to go out and enter any area without being impeded and know everything he considers as his territory. If your cat has secure access to the outside through a cat door , a good solution may be to release your entry and exit. However, if you are in a building, you may feel trapped as it can not satisfy your exploring needs.

As a cat-caregiver you may have noticed the animosity that your furry friend usually shows behind closed doors. In addition, it is quite common for the pet to cry expressing their disquiet at seeing their guard leave the house and close the door.

The cat does not want to be alone

One explanation for the crying of these little fellows is the simple reason that they do not want to be alone.

Although there is no study demonstrating that separation anxiety manifests itself in cats , neither does the hypothesis be ruled out. If this is the case for your pet, it may be helpful to gradually adjust it to the outputs it performs. leave for a short period of time and gradually increase so that the cat gets used to the comings and goings.

This adaptation is not always possible because in many cases, owners leave for several hours from the beginning, going to work. Before leaving home, we repeat the same routines as putting on shoes, combing hair, picking up keys, etc. The feline can not control the time we spend outside and does not know if we will return , so it is normal for him to start regretting as soon as he detects the imminent exit. In this case, the possibility of adoptingtwo or more cats, depending on the circumstances. One cat accompanied by another will hardly feel lonely and will rarely cry during his absence. If you already have one pet and want to submit another, it is recommended to follow some guidelines so that this adaptation is done with minimum stress for everyone. Make sure the new member of the family has been properly socialized .

It should also be borne in mind that cats, before living, should be examined clinically for contagious diseases such as immunodeficiency and feline leukemia , since they have no cure. If you notice that your cat is really anxious or stressed at the time of your departure, you should contact a feline behavior specialist, such as a properly trained veterinarian or an ethologist .

Basic Cat Needs

Other times the reason for the cat’s crying for lack of attention to their basic needs , such as properly sanitized food, water or litter is explained . If the cat realizes that he will be alone and he has some need that can not be answered, it is common for him to cry to attract attention.

So before you leave, especially if you are away for hours, make sure you have food and fresh, clean water . It is essential to keep the litter box clean, as some cats refuse to use it if they consider it dirty.
In addition, it is likely that the sleeping cat is fed and hydrated, noticing its absence. We will see other tricks in the following sections.

Cat is bored

Sometimes cats cry or howl when they are alone because of boredom. This explains why single cats that they do not have anyone to interact with, cry when they notice they will be alone. As already mentioned, in these cases of loneliness, having more than one animal can be a solution. However, if you want to increase the family, but it is not possible, make some improvements in the house and keep your feline friend busy!

Some ideas for improving the environment include:

  • Scratches of all types and heights. There is a wide variety on the market that include games and different textures. It can be fun to create a homemade model, using simple materials like cardboard, wood or rope and your creativity.
  • Different heights excite cats since they like to control everything from high places. Easy to achieve just by combining or freeing up space on shelves.
  • Interactive toys for the cat to manipulate in exchange for rewards as his favorite food. Be sure to deduct that fraction of rewards from your daily ration to avoid being overweight.
    Like scratchers, there are several models of toys on sale. Not to mention that you can always carry them out in a homemade way with plastic bottles or cardboard boxes. Remember, your friend can have fun with simple objects!

Cat alone in apartment – recommendations

In the previous sections we have seen why the cat cries when we leave . Here are some recommendations to avoid this situation:

  • Before leaving it is worth spending a few minutes playing and giving pampering to the feline friend.
  • If you can choose your departure time, consider arranging your outings in the same time that the cat is probably asleep. A satisfied and caring cat is more likely to spend those next few hours of loneliness sleeping instead of crying. Providing food before leaving, increases the chances of your feline friend feeling that they can relax and prepare to sleep.
  • Another tip is to book new toys to introduce you just before you leave. If he can arouse the animal’s interest, he will not be so aware of his absence. Use creativity! You do not have to buy something new every day, you can improvise and make them simple, like a paper ball or just a box.
  • You can try to leave some ambient music. The radio or even the television turned on and at low volume. Some animals like to have them as company.
  • Be sure to leave food and fresh water and sand clean!
  • Try to keep your favorite toys well accessible.
  • Make sure the doors inside the house remain open during your absence, preventing the cat from getting frustrated, wanting to get in or out of a place and start crying.
  • Remember if! Keep locker doors tightly closed, preventing your pet from entering, and runs the risk of getting trapped.

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