Most poisonous spiders in Brazil

Spiders are absolutely incredible animals that live scattered throughout the world. Some of them are totally harmless, but others are very poisonous, being able to, with their poison, kill the human being and other animals. The spiders belong to the phylum of arthropods, having as characteristic to possess an external skeleton composed by chitin. The name given to this skeleton is exoskeleton. The main function of it, besides sustentation, is to avoid losses of water to the external environment.

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Spiders exist in almost every part of the world and Brazil is no exception. If you are curious about the most poisonous spiders in Brazil , keep reading!

Armworen Spiders

The armor spider ( Phoneutria ) is a spider that can make anyone shake. They are a very aggressive species, although they do not attack unless they feel threatened. So it’s best to let her live her life in peace while you live yours!

When they feel threatened, they raise their front paws and lean against the back. They jump very fast towards the enemy to sting him (they can jump at a distance of 40 cm). Hence comes the name of her from armadeira, because it “arms”.

They are nocturnal animals that hunt and immobilize their prey through their powerful venom. They do not live in webs, they inhabit trunks, banana trees, palm trees, etc. In the dwellings they are found in dark places, as behind furniture and inside shoes, curtains etc. They like to be hidden, they do not seek to do you any harm. What sometimes happens is that you and she are living in the same house. When you find her and she freaks out, she attacks because she is feeling threatened. Another feature of this spider’s attack is that it pretends to be dead and attacks when the prey least expected.

Black widow spider

The Black Widow ( Latrodectus ) is one of the world’s best-known spiders. Males live in the female’s web and usually die soon after mating and hence the name of these spiders. Sometimes the male can serve as food for the female .

As a habit, these spiders are not aggressive, unless they are tight. Sometimes in self-defense, being disturbed in their webs, they fall, standing still and pretending to be dead, attacking later.

They live in the middle of the vegetation, occupying holes. They can be found in other places, such as cans, which they use to protect themselves from rain if there is no vegetation nearby.

The accidents that occur with these spiders are always with the females (since the males live in the webs of the females, serving almost exclusively for the reproduction of the species).

Brown spider

The brown spider ( Loxosceles ) is a smaller spider (about 3 cm) but with a very potent venom. Hardly a spider of these will sting you , unless you step on it or sit on it unintentionally, for example.

These spiders are nocturnal and live in irregular webs near tree roots, palm leaves, caves, etc. Their habitat is very diverse. Sometimes they are found inside residences, in colder zones of the country, because they prefer cold climates. It is common to find these spiders in attics, garages or wood debris.

Garden Spider

The garden spider ( Lycosa ), also called grass spider , has this name because it is often found in gardens or backyards. They are small spiders, about 5 cm long, characterized by an arrow-shaped pattern on the abdomen . Like the armadillo spider, this spider can lift its front paws before the attack. However, the venom of this spider is less powerful than that of the armadillo.

Experts, arachnologists, say it’s not worth you to worry too much about spiders. These little beings, though they seem very scary, have nothing especially against you. It is very rare to attack, unless you have no other possibility. Of course accidents happen, mainly because they are very small and when you realize that she is there, already touched or inadvertently threatened and has no choice but to attack to defend herself.

If you see a spider do not try to kill it, remember that if it fails it can attack you sooner. Besides, she also has the right to life, right? We should, whenever possible, promote a life in harmony with all the beings that inhabit this planet.

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