Meet Maximillion!

We’re taking a break today from my series on cats and litter boxes to visit with another special kitty. His name is Maximillion. Here’s what his special friend, A Girl Like Me, has to say about him:

“My cat Maximillion…

Where do i start!? He’s the BEST cat I’ve ever had (I’ve had many). We’ve been together for over 9 yrs now. so we know each other inside and out. He’s truly my best friend.

Whenever I need to vent , he’s there meowing away with me and when I just need to cry, he’s right there not saying a word, but pawing away my tears.

He’s also my cruising buddy. Yup! He sits right beside me, or he sleeps in the car whenever I have to take long trips. If I don’t take him, he gives me the cold shoulder until I give him all my attention and unlimited treats for a day.

When it’s bedtime he goes under the blankets like we do and occasionally likes to share my pillow, if I let him.  He sits and says hi, which is pretty big for a cat

He gets regular baths to keep him nice and clean and white. He LOVES the blow dryer!

He loves being near people, he will literally sit there and stare at you while you are watching tv, playing on the playstation, etc.

He’s very intuitive. He almost never hisses at anyone! You can hurt him, but he will never hurt you back. But when someone comes into my home I don’t like , he hisses and snarls. This has happened only twice — amazing! He lets you cuddle forever with him.

I hear people say cats are selfish, but I disagree big time. My cat is by the far the greatest blessing in my life. He’s taught me so much, to be patient and kind and loving. Actually he taught me how to be selfless. Max is my little angel!

A Girl Like Me”

Max, you definitely qualify as a Special Friend!

Would you like to see YOUR kitty here? Email me his or her picture, along with a short paragraph or two, and I’ll do the rest!

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