Marine animals in danger of extinction

71% of the planet is formed by the oceans and there is such a quantity of marine animals that not even all species are known. However, rising water temperatures, contamination of the seas and hunting are threatening the marine life level and many animals are in danger of extinction, there are even species that we will never know.

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Human selfishness and consumerism and the little care with which we treat our own planet is causing the marine population to be increasingly affected.

In YourCatCareguide we show you several examples of marine animals in danger of extinction , but this is simply a sample of the great evil that is being done to the life of the oceans.

Comb turtle

This type of turtle, originating in tropical and subtropical regions, is one of the marine animals that is in critical danger of extinction. In the last century its population decreased more than 80% . This is especially true for hunting, since its shell is much appreciated for decorative purposes.

Although there is an express prohibition on trade in turtle shells to prevent the total extinction of these turtles, the black market continues to exploit the purchase and sale of this material to the most extreme limits.

Sea cow

This small, timid cetacean lives only in an area between the Gulf of California and the Sea of ​​Cortez. It belongs to a family of cetaceans called Phocoenidae and among them, the vaquita is the only one that lives in warm waters.

This is one of the marine animals in imminent danger of extinction , since there are currently less than 60 specimens. Their massive disappearance is due to the contamination of the water and the fishing, because although these are the objective of fishing, they are caught in the nets and meshes that are used to fish in this region. Fisheries authorities and governments do not reach any agreement to ban this type of fishing definitively, making the population of sea cows reduce year after year.

Leather turtle

among the types of sea turtles that exist, this inhabits the Pacific Ocean, is the largest of all turtles that currently exist and is also one of the oldest. However. in just a few decades to be able to put itself among the marine animals in danger of extinction. It is, in fact, in critical danger for the same reason as the vaquita, the uncontrolled fishing.

Bluefin tuna

Tuna is one of the most popular fish on the market thanks to its meat. So much so that the excessive fishing that was submitted caused its population to decrease by 85%. Bluefin tuna, coming from the Mediterranean and the eastern Atlantic, is on the brink of extinction because of its large consumption. Despite attempts to slow down, tuna fishing continues to have disproportionate amounts, and much of it is illegal.

Blue Whale

The biggest animal in the world is also not saved from being on the list of marine animals in danger of extinction. The main reason, once again, is poaching and uncontrolled fishing. The whale fishermen take advantage of everything, when we say everything is everything even to their fur.

Whale is used from the fat and the fabric , with which soap or candles are made, to the beards with which they make brushes, just as their meat is very consumed in some countries of the world. There are other reasons why people are so affected, such as acoustic or environmental contamination, that affect the ecosystem of these animals.

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