Mandarin diamond

The Mandarin diamond or just Mandarin, is also known as Zebra Finch and comes from Australia. In the last 5 years the tendency of this bird has become popular because of its easy maintenance and the joy that they transmit in the house. It is also common to breed these birds because their reproduction is very simple.

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Depending on the area where it inhabits, the size of this bird may be larger or smaller and is practically worldwide because of the large number of followers of this wonderful species of bird. Continue reading in YourCatCareguide to know everything about the most adorable birds.

  • Oceania
  • Australia

Physical appearance

It is a bird of very small size that usually measures between 10 and 12 centimeters in length and reaches the 12 grams of approximate weight. The mandarin diamond beak is short and compact, adapted to eat several seeds.

Sexual diformism is evident in this species of bird, since males have color cheeks while females have a simpler plumage. Virtually all color variations show this diformism except for the full white mandarin diamonds.

Due to the large number of amateur breeders, there are many varieties of mutations that give way to very beautiful and unique species. It is impossible to classify them all, but we could summarize the best known:

  • Common gray : Most of the body is gray in color, although the neck and tail have black stripes, hence the name Zebra Finch. At the end of the wings it has a brown speckled plumage. The belly is all white. The common gray female is completely gray with the white belly. Just the speckled tail and a black tear beneath the eye.
  • Black cheeks : As its name indicates, this specimen stands out for its black cheeks. Only males evidence this phenomenon, although there are reports of females that also have this characteristic.
  • White and Maroon : It’s a Mandarin variety that features a white and brown plumage. Areas of spots may vary on the wings, upper body or head. The stripes on the tail are also usually brown although we can also find them black. These specimens can be very varied and unique, presenting or not the spots accustomed to the wing feathers.
  • White : There are completely white mandarin diamonds. In this case it is very difficult to determine the sex and for this we should be guided by the color of the beak, redder in males and more orange in the case of females.


Mandarin diamonds are very sociable birds that live in large colonies that favor their survival. They like to relate and communicate, for that reason, having only one mandarin diamond is a sadness for them, who can not enjoy the same kind.

If you want to have several mandarins in a large or voile cage, we recommend that you mix several females as they will have positive and friendly behavior between them. If you want to enjoy the presence of one or two males, we advise you to have several females per male, otherwise there may be rivalry attitudes. It is important to note that simply having a couple can exhaust the female, which will be constantly forced by the male to reproduce.

They are very talkative birds , especially the males, who will spend all day singing and relating to their companions and even to themselves. Although they are a little frightening birds, if you adopt them in adulthood, mandarin diamonds in time become accustomed to who gives them food and takes care of them. They will respond to your whistles without hesitation.

As previously mentioned, the mandarin diamond reproduces fairly easily and regularly. There are many people who create them for pleasure since it is quite a ritual to observe how they make the nest and then take it together. In general, we speak of a species that is quite loyal to your partner.


The mandarin diamond is a bird that, although it has a reduced size, loves to fly and needs space . Make sure you have a large, preferably horizontal cage: 1 meter x 70cm is totally acceptable.

In the cage you must have several utensils such as sticks or branches, which you will find in usual stores, there are branches of very beautiful fruit trees that besides decorating your cage will make it a unique place for your mandarins. Ziba’s bone can not be missing, since it has a high content of calcium, much needed.

You will also need to have containers for food and drink, always fresh and clean.

In addition to your basic needs, it is important that you have your fun moments , so you can leave toys and mirrors at your fingertips. Water is another source of fun, since mandarin diamond loves to clean. Provide this with a pool or a small container, they will get wet and like it, plus it will prevent the appearance of mites and lice.

The power of the Mandarin diamond is very simple enough does have at its disposal special seeds, which you will find in any pet store. They should contain about 60% of canary seed, 30% of millet and about 10% of linseed, canola, hemp and niger. Including egg yolk from time to time will provide them with extra energy and vitality in the plumage, remember to take it out when you spend time. You can give them alfalfa, something they like very much and devour in the blink of an eye.

Giving them fruit is very important; for this, try first giving them small pieces of different types like orange, apple or pear, find out what your mandarin diamond likes best. Lastly, as a prize you can also leave several insects within reach, only once in a while.

Interact with your mandarin diamond so you can meet and enjoy it. Talk to him, put on music or whistle and enjoy watching him every day as they have a high energy level that becomes lovely for bird lovers.


It is important that you go looking at your mandarin diamond to find out if you have any health problems, then we explain the most common problems:

  • Imprisoned egg : If you are creating mandarin diamonds this can happen and this is a serious problem as the female can die. You will see that it is a trapped egg because it has a swollen abdomen and produces weak sounds and pain. Take care of it and do a little massage in the egg area so you can kick it out. If this does not happen, take it to the vet right away.
  • Paw Fracture : If you notice that your diamond has a fractured leg should pick up on it and immobilize it with two rods and a gauze in two weeks should heal without problem. Try to understand why this has happened and if it is a cage problem, change it.
  • Anemia : Food shortages translate into this disease. You may identify it by discoloration of the nozzle or on the legs. Vary your diet and offer it different foods.
  • Cloacite : Consists of an inflammation of the cloaca, more common in females laying eggs. Clean the area and apply an ointment based on oxide and zinc, in addition offer you a more varied diet.
  • Acari : It is the appearance of mites and lice. Avoid this problem by putting a pool in your diamond cage to take a shower, in addition at pet stores you will find antiparasitic spray to solve the problem.
  • Abnormal growth of the beak : In this case we speak of a consequence of the lack of ziba bone. It can cause deficiencies in your diet. Break the bone and leave it within your reach so that little by little solve the problem.

Avoid diseases like bronchitis and acaríase in the legs keeping your mandarin diamond in a clean and dry environment, without dampness or drafts, it is also not advisable direct contact with the sun.


  • Mandarin diamonds learn to sing by imitating the sound that their parents or adult companions make, they reproduce a sound very much like what they hear, so the Mandarin diamond song has thousands of possibilities.

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