Make a canary sing in 5 steps

Everyone who has or wants a canary is delighted when they sing. In fact, a canary who is happy and enjoys your company and your home will even be able to learn different songs. But singing or not singing depends on many factors, such as the state of your cage, your diet, mood, and training. Today we will teach you how to make a canary sing in 5 steps . If you follow them, except for many special cases, you can have your canary singing in a short space of time and enjoying its wonderful melody.

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1. Give you good nutrition

A canarian who is not healthy will not sing. It should provide you with a good diet of seeds such as negrillo, flaxseed, oats, hemp seeds, endive among others to have a lot of desire to sing and be happy. This feeding should be given on a set schedule as there must be a feeding routine for your canary to know exactly when to eat it.

Other foods with which you can be rewarded to be happier are fruit or vegetables . And never forget to put fresh water in your cage, as they should be able to drink whenever they want.

2. Have a comfortable cage

A small or dirty cage will not give your canary much reason to sing. Buy a medium-sized cagein which you can move with some freedom, otherwise you will feel sad. Also, you should clean the cage daily and prevent it from being too cold or too hot in the room, as this could be detrimental to the health of your little friend.

3. Avoid the noise

Canaries do not like noise . They like harmony, relaxation and silence to be able to rest whatever they want. If you have the cage on a porch next to a noisy street, next to the washing machine, next to the television or radio, your health will worsen and you will feel stress. The canaries usually sleep almost half a day, about 12 hours, so you have to get a perfect and quiet environment for them.

4. Put music from other canaries

With a good cage, good food and a siliceous place we already have covered all part of the health and happiness of the canary. Now you must begin to encourage him to sing. How can you do it? You can put a song, but not any one, it must be a song sung by other canaries . It will be easier for him to recognize these sounds and to imitate them, since they are common to him and he understands them as part of his natural language. You can also put other songs, but in this case you should help him by whistling for him to understand the tone of the songs.

5. Sing with it

When you put on the song, singing at the same time next to the canary cage, it will take much less time to learn this song . It may seem a bit strange, but for the canary it will be much easier to understand the songs if we sing them because they prefer live music.

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