Brushes for cats with long hair

We should pay special attention to our cat’s hair this is over to avoid possible knots and hair balls. For this reason and if you are wondering, which is the best long-lasting cat brush? Expert Expert has prepared a list of long- lasting cat brushes , so you can go to your usual store with the right information.

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Keep reading to know why it is important to take care of your hair, what kind of brushes we find on the market and what is the appropriate way to do the brushing of your hair.

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Why is it important to brush our long-haired cat?

We all know that cats that have a long coat should be brushed daily for proper maintenance of their weight. Through brushing we eliminate the dead hair that it costs to withdraw in a habitual way by our pet and in addition we considerably reduce the probabilities that a ball of hair in his stomach is formed .

In addition to greatly improving the quality and maintenance of the hair, brushing your cat is beneficial to him, which stimulates himself physically and for both, who manage to have more complicity.

Double-sided brush

This type of brush is the one that allows us to basically comb our animal. On one side we have a long bristled utensil perfect for it to come into contact with the skin, we recommend that this part is rigid but does not hurt the cat.

On the other side of the brush we have a homogeneous set of bristles that allows us to fix the hair and eliminate dust and dirt.

Metal brush

This metal brush requires careful handling when we apply it to our cat’s hair, because because it is stiffer it can hurt the cat if it puts too much pressure. It is ideal to eliminate knots of hair thanks to its fixed structure.

Fine brush

This type of fine brush is recommended for anti-flea brushing , since the proximity between the teeth eliminates any trace of the cat’s fur.

Should be used after doing the normal brushing (once the hair is already clear) and is ideal to achieve a super smooth and at the same time prevent the appearance of fleas. They are ideal for cats with a very long hair such as angora cats.

How should I brush a cat with long hair?

To properly brush a long-haired cat the first thing to do is to use a medium-bristled brush to untangle the fur. We use this brush for 3.5 minutes reaching all areas of the body including the neck, belly and tail.

As soon as we finish untangling and eliminating the dead hair of our cat use a brush of longer bristles like for example the brush that we show to him of this type. In this way, we eliminate any traces of dirt or that have not been removed at the first brushing.

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