Load the dog’s clicker in training

Educating and training a dog in good behavior and order learning is not always an easy task, but it is still very important that we dedicate time and effort to it so that we can walk around with a dog quietly and create empathy depending on that.

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If you have decided to use the clicker as a primary tool in training your dog, it is crucial to learn how it works and how it should load the clicker.

Do not worry if you have not yet achieved clear results, in this article the expert will help you and show you how to load the dog’s clicker in the training . Keep reading and find out all the tricks!

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What is the clicker?

Before we start and want to know how to load the clicker of the dog, we must know what it is. The clicker is simply a small plastic box with a button .

Pressing the button will hear a clicking noise , after which the dog should always receive some food. It is a reinforcer of behavior , a sound stimulus in which with a click the dog understands that the behavior performed is the correct one and, therefore, receives a prize.

The clicker originates in the United States and is currently popularized in Agility competitions, advanced training and even basic training, on the same site. The results are so positive that more and more people are using the clicker system to train their pets.

We should use the clicker only in relation to the positive and good behavior of the dog, it is also important to know that once you have correctly executed an order you should click only once.

There are many people who have joined the use of the clicker, since it is a simple communication element between the person and the dog. It is less complex to understand for the pet than another type of training and from it, we can reward both the orders we teach him and the ones he learn independently, fostering the dog’s mental development.

A dog’s training should start as long as it is a puppy. Still, the dog can learn orders by being an adult because it is an animal that will enjoy learning new ways to perform obedience exercises and be rewarded for it (especially if the prizes are tasty).

If you decided to adopt a dog from a host center, the use of the clicker is highly recommended since, in addition to uniting your emotional bond, will leave the animal more willing to follow your orders with the use of positive reinforcement .

You can get a clicker at any pet store. You will find a wide variety of clicker formats of all sizes and shapes. Try it!

Load the clicker

Loading the clicker consists of the presentation of the clicker and all that process that allows the dog to understand its operation properly. To get started it will be crucial that you get a clicker.

Then prepare a bag with treats , if you want you can use those bags to put on the belt and keep it behind your back, and different prizes for dogs (make sure your dog has not eaten before) and let’s get started!

  1. Introduce the clicker to your pet by showing it
  2. Make click and give him a treat
  3. Practice orders already learned and click each time you perform them, continue to offer you treats even after the click.

As we mentioned, loading the clicker is a process for our dog to relate the click with the food. In this way, we should continue to offer you treats for 2-3 days with the use of the clicker.

The clicker loading sessions should last between 10 and 15 minutes divided into two or three daily sessions, we should not bother or pressure the animal.

We know that the clicker is loaded when the dog properly relates the click to the food. For this, it will be enough to click when you like some behavior that you have, if he looks for your reward, we will know that it is ready.

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