5 Tips to living with an older dogs

Some people find older dogs quite annoying than when they are puppies. However, this should not be the case if you built your relationship with him or her over the years.

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Instead of trading the older one for a smaller and manageable dog, you can choose to take care of it. Note, older dogs become fragile, as they grow old. Therefore, at that age, they are susceptible to various illnesses and weaknesses in their body.

The question that many people would love to know is what are some of the things that you could do to make him or her happy? Here are tips that could be beneficial to any dog owner.

1 Change his or her diet

As the dog ages, you will notice significant changes in the way the beast chews food, change in appetite, and increase in weight, which comes through obesity.

You have to understand that seniors have special nutritional needs. Avoid giving him or her high-calorie foods because your main intention is to prevent obesity, which is common among all senior dogs. For the case of snacks, stay away from foods that have large fat and sodium contents.

Always give much water because they need much of it as they age. Offer vegetables as an alternative together with fruits such as carrots and apple slices.

2 Senior dogs love being warm

When I am talking about warmth, I refer to his or her bed. It should be warm and cozy because that is how they like it.

Place the bed near the sunrays where it could hit the dog’s body as it lies. Make the bed firm with extra cushioning to prevent hurting the muscles. Additionally, leave enough space for the dog. The Labrador may desire a lot of time alone since some of them become cranky

when they grow old.

If the Labrador still loves to sleep on your bed, place dog steps next to it for him or her to climb. Go for orthopedic dog beds if necessary; on the other hand, ensure that it is very comfortable.

3 Prioritize exercises

Do not neglect exercising the dog. Come up with a daily routine with the help of your vet. Remember that the training should not be as intense as when he or she was young.

For instance, daily walks work best since they are simple; nonetheless, you should rest at short intervals to avoid the leg joints. Work towards protecting the dog’s bones. Try out swimming, which is also a less strenuous exercise, and be sure to spot changes in the animal’s body.

Use various lifts when walking like this harness for your dog. It will be easy to control the dog especially if you do not want to hurt the senior’s legs.

4. Visit the vet frequently

Proper care, especially if it is your first time, should be your priority. Therefore, your vet should be your all-time friend at this time.

Consult him or her on issues concerning diet, how to take care of the weak joints, on the best ways to take good care of his teeth, and ways to keep him or her away from diseases. The practitioner should also run thorough checkups on various parts of his or her body including the teeth.

Frequent annual visitations when young could be beneficial. It will help the vet notice any illness that the animal tries to hide from you.

5 Love him

Most prefer throwing the old dog off the house. Sometimes, it leads the poor animal to roam in the streets. Well, that is inhumane.

Learn to love him or her even at the old age. Ensure that you engage him or her in various family activities. Take him or her for rides. Install ramps if the dog finds it hard to climb up any of the stairs or high-leveled floors. He or she will appreciate the help.

It is also wise to learn his or her personality while young. By this time, you will discover his or her reaction when healthy, or ill.

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