15 Little Known Dog Breeds

There are many dog breeds in the world whose number varies according to their location. Some races are very old, while others are appearing now. The crosses over time allowed the birth of new races, while wars and many other aspects led to the extinction of others.

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Currently, the International Federation of Cinology (FCI) recognizes about 350 dog breeds around the world and few people know all of them. For this reason, in the animal expert we gather some breeds that are likely not know or do not know many of its characteristics or curiosities. So, do not wait any longer and see the 15 little-known dog breeds that we show you next.

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The first of the breeds of dogs little known is the Puli , also called the Hungarian Puli or Pulik, which is originally from Hungary and was used to shepherd and watch over the flocks of sheep. Almost extinct during World War II, the Puli has a loyal and active temperament, being an excellent companion dog. These dogs are easy to train, so they are perfect for doing agilitytests .

Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel is another of the lesser-known breeds of game originating in Great Britain which is named after Clumber Parl, the place where the Duke of Newcastle met this dog. Although they have been used as hunting dogs, the Clumber are not especially fast or active, however they are good sniffers . It is common for us to see them carrying objects in their mouths, as if presenting trophies. Currently, the clumber is used only as a companion dog and has a good and affectionate character.

Cirneco do Etna

The Circo Etna is a little-known race outside of Sicily, its place of origin. This podengo is a dog that has problems getting used to living in the city, so it requires constant exercise and lots of activity. Despite being a very faithful animal, cirneco is a difficult dog to train. It has very large and straight ears , which is one of the most peculiar characteristics of this breed.


The Xoloitzcuintle, xolo, Aztec dog, Mexican peeled or undead dog is one of the races of little known dogs coming from Mexico, as its name indicates. It is very popular in their country and its origin is very old, going back to the Mayans and the Aztecs who used these dogs to protect their homes from the evil spirits. These dogs with or without the Mexican are very noble and we can find them in several sizes:

  • Toy : 26-23 cm
  • Medium: 38-51 cm
  • Standard: 51-76 cm


This unusual breed of dog called saluki is native to the Middle East and was considered as the real dog of ancient Egypt and therefore some people believe that this is the oldest breed of domesticated dogs. This elegant greyhound has an optimized physical structure that makes it reach great speeds and can have a hair of many colors. Of character, the saluki are reserved, peaceful and very loyal.


The schipperke is a small herding dog of Belgian origin, specifically from Flanders. is one of the most active, curious and energetic little-known breeds of dogs, and despite its size, this dog needs a great deal of exercise and daily training. It is ideal as a watchdog and the most curious feature is that it has the appearance of a fox . The Schipperke love water and hunt small rodents.

Plott hound

Another of the rare dog breeds we have on our list is the plott hound, a working dog, not a companion dog, originally created in Germany to hunt wild boars and taken to North Carolina (USA) for the purpose of hunting bears . Currently, this dog is still used as a hunting dog, being particularly effective when hunting in packs. These American beagles are dogs that need space to exercise and should not be in apartments or small spaces. The plott hound love to interact with people and play in the water.

Visigoth Spitz

The spitz of the Vizigodos, Viking dog, comes from Sweden, as its name suggests. This shepherd dog appeared in the Vikings’ time and was used as a watchdog, to hunt rodents and to shepherd the cat. The viking dog loves to feel loved and is very faithful to its owner, but can be reserved with strangers. In addition, it can compete in various canine sports because of its great learning ability. He has a determined, brave personality and is full of energy. It is considered as the canine symbol of Sweden .

Pastor de Brie

Another of the races of rare dogs of nowadays is the shepherd of brie or briard, coming from France. During World War I, this dog was used as a sentinel dog, messenger and locator of wounded soldiers, all thanks to its great auditory sense . Currently, the brie pastor is used as a herding dog, guard dog and companion dog. This dog is very energetic and intelligent, but is also a little stubborn, and has a great need of affection from his family nucleus.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is another of the rare breeds of dogs that currently exist. This specimen is a small dog of Scottish origin that receives its name due to a personage of the novel Guy Mannering that was written by Sir Walter Scott in 1815. Previously they were used to hunt foxes , otters or badgers and also, also appeared in paintings who represented the nobility of Scotland. The Dandie Dinmont is a dog that is faithful and tolerant, long and short-legged. He is an excellent companion dog and also an excellent guard dog .


This rare breed of dogs called the Otterhound is also known as a spotting dog for otters , since these dogs love water and are very resistant to cold, and so were used for chasing otters in mangroves and rivers. This breed of dog from the UK has a serene and cheerful personality, and requires a great deal of physical activity every day, so it is not recommended to have an Otterhound in small spaces. Due to the prohibition of otter hunting, this working dog is now considered a companion dog and is in danger of extinction because there are only 51 specimens remaining throughout the United Kingdom.

Little lion dog

Another of the breeds of rare dogs on the planet is the löwchen or small lion dog, which is not known exactly where it comes from but the FCI suggests that it is of French origin. The name of this breed comes from the cut of the typical hair that is made to these dogs and not to some natural phenotypic characteristic. These dogs are active, caring and resilient animals, whose breed is the rarest in the world . They are also brave dogs that challenge the larger animals and are easy to train.


The Harrier is another of the little-known dog breeds arising from the cross between beaglesand foxhounds, and originally from England. With physical characteristics similar to its predecessors, this dog is also known as ” beagle with steroids ” since it is a strong, muscular beagle dog. The Harrier has a cheerful personality, sociable and quiet, and has a great learning ability. Formerly, these dogs were used as hunting dogs for hares (beagles), foxes and rabbits, but nowadays they are excellent companion dogs.


The Bergamasco or Bergamasco shepherd is an Italian breed used as a watchdog and herding dog, but they are also perfect as companion dogs, since they are very familiar and excellent companions. This dog is a docile, strong, loyal and hardworking dog that has a rustic and sturdy structure. The sheep-like hair layer with dreads makes them stay warm all the time as they stroll through the mountains of the Italian Alps.


And last but not least, we found the Keeshond to end the races of little-known dogs. The Keeshond, also called the Spitz wolf type is an energetic dog that needs a lot of exercise and space. Its characteristic features make it a very funny breed because they are very similar to plush dolls . This dog is a docile dog dedicated to its owners, who has a special affection for the children. He is also tolerant of strangers and other animals, and is an excellent companion or guard dog.

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