Letter from a dog to the tutor

When we speak of acts of love, adopting is one of them. Many times, without words and with just a look, we can understand what our dogs are feeling. When we go to an animal shelter and watch their little faces, who dares to say they are not saying, “Adopt me!”? A look may reflect the soul of an animal, such as its needs or feelings.

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In Animal Expert, we want to put into words some of the feelings we believe we see in these little eyes of a dog that wants to be adopted. Although letters are hardly used nowadays, this is a beautiful gesture that always draws a smile from those who receive it.

For this reason, we put into words what we believe an animal feels after being adopted. Enjoy this beautiful letter from a adopted dog to the tutor !

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Dear Tutor,

How could we forget that day when you entered the refuge and our eyes met? If love at first sight exists, I believe that this is what happened to us. I ran to greet you along with 30 more dogs and, between barks and caresses, I wanted you to choose me among all. I could not stop looking at you, you could not stop me, your eyes were so deep and sweet … However, the others made you look away from mine and I was sad as so many times before. Yes, you will think that I am like this with everyone, that I like to fall in love and disappear, again and again. But I think something happened to you this time that had not happened before. You came to greet me under that tree where I took refuge whenever it rained or my heart was broken. As the owner of the refuge tried to direct you to the other dogs, you walked in silence to me and the connection was final. I wanted to make an interesting one and not shake my ass a lot, because I discovered that this scares the future tutors, but I could not, it did not stop spinning like a helicopter.

All that is good ends quickly, they say, you got up and walked to the house from which food, vaccines and many other things come out. I walked you there licking in the air and you kept saying, calm … Calm down? How could he be calm? I had already found you. It took a little longer than I expected in there … I do not know if it was hours, minutes, seconds, but it was an eternity. I went back to the tree where I was hiding when I was sad, but this time with my head looking the other way, not the door you had left. I did not want to see you leaving and going home without me. I decided to sleep to forget.

Suddenly he heard my name, was the owner of the refuge. What does he want? Do not you see that I’m sad and now I do not feel like eating or playing? But as I am obedient I turned and there you were, crouched, smiling at me, I had already decided that you would go home with me.

We got home, our house. I was scared, I did not know anything, I did not know how to behave so I decided to follow you everywhere. He spoke to me in a soft voice, and it was hard to resist his charms. He showed me my way, where I was going to sleep, where to eat and where you would be. I had everything I needed, even toys so I would not be bored, how could you think I’d be bored? He had so much to discover and learn!

The days, months passed and his affection grew as it was mine. I will not deepen the discussions about whether animals have feelings or not, I just want to tell you what happened to me. Today, I can finally tell you that the most important thing in my life is you . Neither the walks, nor the food, not even this beautiful bitch who lives downstairs. It’s you, because I’ll always be grateful to have chosen everyone.

Each day of my life is divided between the moments that you are with me and those that you are absent. I’ll never forget the days when I got tired of work and, with a smile, you said to me: Let’s walk? or, Who wants to eat? And I, who did not want any of this, just wanted to be with you, no matter what the plan was.

Now that I’ve been feeling bad for a while and you’re sleeping next to me, I wanted to enjoy writing this so you can take it for the rest of your life. No matter where you go, I can never forget you and I will always be eternally grateful, because you are the best that has happened in my life .

But I do not want you to be sad, go back to the same path, choose a new love and give everything you gave me, this new love will never forget. Other dogs also deserve a tutor like the one I had, best of all!

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Emily Harris

Hi Guys, Girls, and Cats:-p I am Emily Harris, and you can see in above pic. She loves me I swear. I saved her from a dumpster a few weeks back.

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