Laika’s Story – The First Living Being To Be Released In Space

Although we are not always aware of this, on many occasions the advances that the human being accomplishes would not be possible without the participation of animals and, unfortunately, many of these advances are only beneficial to us. Surely you must remember the dog that traveled to space . But where did this dog come from, how did you prepare for this experience and what happened to it?

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In this article by YourCatCareguide we want to name this brave dog and tell his whole story: the story of Laika – the first living being to be launched in space .

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Laika, a mutt welcomed for an experience

The United States and the Soviet Union were in the middle of the space race, but at no point did they reflect on what the consequences would be for humans to leave Earth.

This uncertainty placed many risks, not enough to be assumed by any human being, and for this reason, they decided to experiment with animals .

There were several mutt dogs collected on the streets of Moscow for this purpose. According to the claims of the height, these dogs would be better prepared for a space trip because they would have endured more extreme weather conditions. Among them was Laika, a medium-sized mutt dog with a very sociable character, calm and calm.

The training of the astronaut puppies

These puppies intended to evaluate the effects of a space travel had to undergo a hard and cruel training that can be summarized in three points:

  • They were placed in centrifuges that simulated the acceleration of a rocket.
  • They were placed on machines that mimicked the noise of the spaceship.
  • Progressively, they were being placed in cages smaller and smaller to get used to the small size that would have available in the spaceship.

Obviously, the health of these dogs (36 dogs in particular were removed from the streets) was weakened by this training. The simulation of acceleration and noise caused increases in blood pressure and, in addition, as they were in smaller and smaller cages, they stopped urinating and defecating, which led to the need to administer laxatives.

The story they told and what really happened

Due to its quiet character and small size, Laika was finally chosen on November 3, 1957 and made a space trip aboard Sputnik 2. The story told concealed the risks. Supposedly, Laika would be safe inside the spaceship, counting on automatic dispensers of water and food to keep her life safe for the duration of the trip. However, that is not what happened.

The responsible entities claimed that Laika died painlessly by depleting the oxygen inside the ship, but that was not the case either. So, what really happened? We now know what really happened through the people who participated in the project and decided in 2002 to tell the sad truth to the whole world.

Sadly, Laika died a few hours after starting his journey, due to a panic attack triggered by an overheating of the ship. Sputnik 2 continued orbiting in space with Laika’s body for 5 months. When he returned to earth in April 1958, he burned as he came into contact with the atmosphere.

The happy days of Laika

The person in charge of the training program for the astronaut dogs, Dr. Vladimir Yadovsky, knew perfectly well that Laika would not survive, but could not remain indifferent to the marvelous character of this dog.

Days before Laika’s space voyage, she decided to welcome her to her home to enjoy her last days . During these brief days, Laika was accompanied by a human family and played with the children of the house. Without a doubt, this was the only destination that deserved Laika, who will remain in our memory for being the first living being to be launched in space .

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