The Kong to Treat Separation Anxiety

There are many dogs that suffer from separation anxiety when their owners leave them alone at home. During this time alone they may bark constantly, urinate indoors or destroy the whole house because of the great anxiety they feel.

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So, for you to control this behavior in this article of ExpertAnimal we will explain how you can use Kong to treat separation anxiety .

However, remember that in order to achieve an effective result and to stop your dog suffering from this problem, you should consult an ethologist or a competent professional.

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Why Kong’s use is effective in separation anxiety

Unlike other toys that we find for sale, the Kong is the only one that guarantees the safety of our pet since it is impossible to be ingested and also it is not possible to break it as we can find it from different forces .

The separation anxiety is a very complicated process that the newly adopted dogs usually suffer because it is difficult for them to get used to your new lifestyle. These dogs are often sad when their owner leaves the house and acts inappropriately in the hope that they will come back, gnaw furniture, urinate at home and cry, these are some of the typical behaviors.

The dogs find in Kong a way to relax and enjoy the moment, a very useful tool in these cases. Keep reading to find out how to use it.

How to use Kong for separation anxiety

To begin with you must realize what Kong is, it is a toy that must fill with food, it can be ration, dog biscuits and pate, in the variety you will find the motivation for your dog.

To alleviate separation anxiety, you should start using the Kong for 4-7 days when you are at home , so the dog will face the toy in a positive way and will see this moment as a moment of relaxation.

Once the dog understands how Kong works and associates it in a fun and relaxed way, you can start to leave it regularly when you leave the house. You should continue to use Kong from time to time when you are at home.

By following these recommendations your puppy will begin to relax when you are not at home thereby lessening your separation anxiety.

What to do if Kong does not alleviate separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a problem that generates stress in our pet . For this reason if with the use of Kong we can not make this situation better, we should think about turning to an expert ethologist or a canine educator .

Just as we would take our son to the psychologist if he had a mental or anxiety problem, we should do it with our pet. Relieving the stress of the dog will help you to get a happy, healthy and quiet dog.

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