Dog kong – How it works

In the stores dedicated to pet products we find a lot of accessories and toys, among them kong , a very special dog product that all owners should know.

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Want to know more? Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article on how kong works for dogs and what to take into account before acquiring one.

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How does it work

Kong is an accessory or toy that puppies of all ages can use, including adult puppies and puppies. It is an intelligence toy , a rigid accessory available in various sizes, focused on the size of the dog.

We find in the kong an empty space inside that we should fill with some kind of food attractive to our dog. This allows our dog to work hard and find out how to handle the object in order to reach the food.

Typically, ethologists recommend filling the kong in several layers of food, for example: a little dog pâté, soft treats, a little more pâté, a little more ration, etc., until you reach the end of kong. In the variety we will find a motivation for our dog.

The benefits of using kong

In addition to obtaining food, the kong stimulates the intelligence of the dogs by making them strive to remove the content that hides inside. This whole process distracts the dog and gives you a full 20 minutes of concentration on your new accessory: the kong. It is ideal for dogs with anxiety problems , separation anxiety, nervousness, lack of concentration, etc.

The kong is a toy that relates the dog’s physical and intelligence so that it obtains a pleasant reward: food.

Types of kong

As mentioned, you will find for sale a large quantity and variety of kong types focused on the needs or characteristics of each dog. For this reason, do not be surprised if in your store you find kongs with different shapes (bone, ball, rope …), everything is valid to attract the attention of the dog.

This is a product that has a low cost, so we do not recommend that you try to make your own kong with a plastic bottle, a bone, or other elements. Your dog’s safety should be first, so we recommend buying kong at pet stores.

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