Kissing your dog is wrong?

For sure that whenever your pet receives you at the door of the house when you arrive, you begin to wag your tail in an agitated way, to jump on your legs and to lick your hands, and you want to return that caress to him, and kissing him, but then a question passes through his head: does kissing my dog ​​hurt?

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we will uncover this mystery of whether it is good or bad to kiss your dog and we will explain why you should continue or fail to do so to see if this habit is harmful or not for your health.

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How do dogs kiss?

The way dogs show their affection and affection is by licking their faces or hands, so we can compare their licks with our kisses or caresses. By accompanying us and evolving alongside us for centuries and centuries, dogs are able to detect our state of humor and try to improve it with their demonstrations of love, support and understanding, which are nothing less than licking with your tongue.

According to a study by anthropologist Kim Kelly of the University of Arizona, it has been scientifically demonstrated that people who live with dogs are happier than the rest of the population, and their affective body language has a lot to do with it.

In addition to using their language to make us feel good, dogs also lick their pack leaders when they are offended or to show submission (whether they are humans or canine companions) or their puppies to clean and maintain them hot. Dogs have thousands of nerve endings and chemical receptors on the tongue as well as on their muzzle, which make them very sensitive to any external contact.

Improve your bacterial flora

In addition to the thousands of nerve endings it contains, the dogs’ mouths are also a great source of bacteria and microbes . So does it hurt to kiss your dog or let him lick his mouth? The answer is no, as long as it is done in moderation and care.

While it is true that our feline friends often sniff and lick everything they step on the street or at home, and as a consequence the microorganisms or bacteria they have can infect us when we kiss them and cause us some infection or illness , recalling the topic that the saliva of dogs is bad, the study mentioned earlier revealed that the microbes present in their stomachs have a probiotic effect on our body. This means that thanks to the coevolution that they have developed on our side, the microorganisms that can enter our body improve our microbiota(set of microorganisms that coexist normally in our organism) and allow the growth of good bacteria thus reinforcing our immune system of defenses.

Of course, it is not advisable to kiss them continuously and let the saliva of the dog contact us with continuous licking, but now we know that if this occurs, no problem and will improve even our microbial flora. In addition, we humans infected us with more bacterial, viral, and parasitic diseases by not washing our hands more than by the fact that our dog licks us by showing us his affection.

Recommendations for kissing your dog

But are all the microorganisms that dogs have in their mouths that are good? The truth is that no, and some of them can cause us diseases of the mouth or parasites . Therefore, it is advisable to take a series of measures whenever it is possible to continue enjoying the pet care of your pet and avoid unnecessary risks:

  • It is recommended to have the dog’s vaccination schedule up to date.
  • Wipe the dog off when necessary and apply a pipette or anti-flea collar.
  • Acquire your dog to brush his teeth a few times a week.
  • Brush and bathe the dog when necessary, depending on your breed and appropriate care.
  • Avoid licking directly on the mouth.

So now you know that it is not bad to kiss your dog , that it is okay to let your dog lick his mouth, and that the dogs’ saliva contains good and bad bacteria such as ours and that of all living beings.

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