4 Tips to Keeping your Dog Warm During the Winter Months

As the cold weather creeps in, it is not only the people who feel the cold, but the pet dogs as well. Whether your dog has a thick or thin coat, it might still feel cold during winter. Just as people can experience frostbite, so can pets, too. Different types of dogs react differently to cold weather. Big dogs like German Shepherd and Doberman enjoy the snow while small pups like Shitzus and chihuahuas like to burrow themselves in warm, furry blankets in chilly weather. Winter weather is inevitable, so before the temperature drops, you can prepare for your pet dogs to bear the cold. Here are 4 tips to help you keep your dog warm during the winter months.

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  1. Limit time spent outside

Even in the winter, dogs need to be out of the house for some exercise and play. They can play in the snow but only for a short period of time. Some ice may get lodged on his paws and cause drying of the skin. Dogs’ ears and paws are exposed to the cold and too much time out in the cold may give them frostbite. Check your dog if it already feels cold and get it inside right away.

  1. Dress your dog warmly

Your pet may not be fond of wearing clothing or costumes during good weather months. In the winter, you may try dressing your dog in a sweater or coat to give more comfort to your pet. It is a good idea to dress these dogs warmly with short hair and the small dogs to help them regulate their body heat. Dressing them up in coats and jackets can keep them warmer during their walks and exercises outdoors. Just make sure to buy the right size for your pet so that it will feel comfortable to wear instead of irritable.

  1. Provide a shelter for winter

If you do not have a shelter for your dog yet, maybe you want to think of getting one before the weather gets colder. It is actually a good idea to get your pet a house when the weather is not yet harsh for your dog to get used to sleep there and protect himself from the wind and rain. During winter, a heated dog house will be a good shelter for your pup. There are many ways to keep your pet’s place warm for the chilly weather. Your dog’s shelter must only be slightly larger than its size so that there is only a little space for its body heat to fill to keep it warm. You can elevate the house and sprinkle with straw to make the floor a little warmer. You may also install heating devices such as heating pads or electric heaters to keep your dog house warm. But make sure that electric cables and heaters are kept out of dog’s reach to avoid burns or any injury. It will be dangerous to have these heating devices especially when your dog likes to chew on things, in which case, a furry blanket may do.

  1. Increase calories in food intake

Dogs are generally restless beings, and they keep warm by burning fuel which is their food. There is an increase in the calories burned during winter to keep warm. Therefore, increasing the frequency and portion of food given to your pet can help it to stay warm during the winter season.


Winter weather may most times be unbearable to people, but there are so many ways to keep warm. Same as people, pet dogs do get cold in the chilly months. Hopefully, the tips above may be able to offer some warmth for your pet dog during the cold months.


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