Join gould diamonds and canaries, can you?

As we know, coexistence is very important between the same and different species. Even among the same species, coexistence is sometimes difficult in the same environment.

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But what happens when we talk about the same cage? No environments to escape when we do not get along with our neighbors? It seems complicated.

At YourCatCareguide we will help you clarify these doubts, so that your pets can share spaces in harmony. And one of the common doubts among bird lovers is if one can join gould diamonds with canaries .

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Specific care

We usually associate the canary with a cage and the solitude or coexistence with those of the same species. But what happens if we join it with other birds in the same cage? We often think that being in cages separated by species is the most correct. However, veterinarians and owners of both species consider that this is not at all correct.

If we have canaries in one cage and diamonds in another, but in the same environment, the effect will be almost the same. By the proximity can occur the same problems that in the same cage. We are afraid of diseases that can infect each other or, worse, cross-species. But this does not happen, since they share almost the same diseases .

On the other hand, if we talk about the song , or the songs that can issue both copies, we should know that Australian parakeets usually “silence” the canaries. They are small and great to hang out with, but you will notice how they do not even let you start with the desired repertoire. For this reason and because they eat different seeds , it is that their coexistence is not advisable.

Problems of coexistence

We can mix exotic birds with canaries whenever we observe a harmony in the cage. The canary is usually a very peaceful bird , so coexistence with other species activates it and helps it to develop in a better way. The song of the canary is very characteristic, but if we mix it with other birds that have a beautiful corner, we can observe that both can develop their repertoire and not, as sometimes happens, that one silences the other.

We must watch for attacks when we clean the cage and put new food and water or simply the space that each one occupies. If we can live together in harmony it will be very beautiful to see, because they will have a companion to live.

Unsupported species

More than a detailed list of non-compatible birds, I will mention some general characteristics that will help you when choosing the ideal companion.

The canaries can live with parakeets is already a reality. But we should try to avoid any bird that has worse character than these birds and a stronger beak (agapornis or roselas), since these unions are never good, much less for the peaceful canary. We should also avoid parrots and caturrens, because although they have a good character on the day they are in a bad mood, it may be the end of some of the canaries, although they only want to drive them away.

Therefore, a rule that should not be forgotten is not to mix birds of different sizes or that do not have a soft and affectionate temperament, that can adapt to life with other similar species.

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