Jealousy between cats and dogs

Our beloved pets thrill and are also able to feel jealous like humans. If you already have a dog or a cat in your house and expect the arrival of an animal of different species must take into account certain considerations that will help you have a better coexistence.

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Here we give you our advice to avoid jealousy between cats and dogs . Continue reading the advice of the Expert Animal to achieve the best coexistence between both.

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The first step is socialization.

Is your dog sociable? In Animal Expert we always motivate people to socialize their pets with people and animals of all kinds, that is to say that it should make you able to participate and enjoy the company of those around you.

Whether or not the animal you already have at home is a dog or a cat should do everything possible so that it acquires social and friendly behavior before adopting a new animal.

  • Ask your friends and family who have pets to bring them as a visit, it is imperative that the animals begin to get used to the presence of other animals .

When it comes to our animals, it is important to know each other, that is, to smell and relate. However, in the early days it is important that you be present , progressively it can give you more space and more time as you get to know each other. But let us stress that it is always important that you be present in the first moments, before leaving them completely alone in the same space.

Avoiding Food Disputes

A motive for quarreling between your animals can happen for food, fortunately this can be avoided in a very simple way.

It is important that each animal has its own utensils to eat and if it is possible that they do not do it in the same space. If each animal has a separate feeder and drinking fountain and they also eat in different areas of the house, food will be no cause for jealousy or war.

Offer the same care and attention

It is true that cats are very different in nature from dogs, are more independent and need less affection, but let’s not fool ourselves, cats also need a lot of affection .

A clear example can happen with the sofa. Dogs generally like to lie down next to their owners rather than cats, but you should be aware that if you want the dog to go up to the couch you will also need to allow the same behavior on the cat.

Obviously you have to respect these differences of each species but you must also understand that your predisposition to caring for and giving affection should be the same for the dog as for the cat, otherwise these differences could initiate a conflict of jealousy.

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