Breeds of Japanese dogs that you have to meet

Japanese dogs undoubtedly have something special in their look and way of being. Maybe that’s why we found so many Akita Inu or Shiba Inu dogs, because they are adorable and quite faithful.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we will show you 7 breeds of Japanese dogs that you have to know if you are thinking about adopting a dog. Some are already known, others not so much, although what should take into account is to choose a dog that needs to be adopted, so you should resort to animal shelters in your area to find adoption dogs.

Keep reading and find out some breeds of Japanese dogs, you can also leave a comment telling if you have a Japanese best friend or want to have it.

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Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is a pure Japanese dog breed , already millennial, that has been with the man for more than 3,000 years. This amazing and cute dog has been used over the years for very different tasks like bone hunting, dog fights or guard dogs. Currently the Akita Inu is a great dog of very popular company.

The dogs of this Japanese breed generally have a very strong personality and are somewhat dominant, so you will have to socialize since you are a very good puppy . Akita Inu do not bark for anything, if you hear one of them barking, pay attention.

It should be borne in mind that they are only owner dogs, this does not mean that he does not care for other people within the family, it only means that if he does not consider him owner, if he tries to give orders he will not be able to obtain good results.

Akita Inu are very affectionate dogs with all the people within the family. They are an excellent choice to be with children, since they will not complain if the little ones pull their ears or tail. They are dogs very faithful and dedicated to the group to which they belong.

Shiba Inu

The Japanese Shiba Inu dog breed is one of the 6 peculiar dog breeds in Japan and one of the few with so many years of antiquity. Its appearance is quite identical to Akita Inu although it is much smaller. The males do not usually exceed 40 centimeters and are very loyal to their owner. It is one of the breeds closest to the gray wolf, on the same scale as the Shar Pei.

It is an ideal dog to have within the family nucleus, are friendly with family members and with the remaining pets. But they are also very active so we should get them to walk around and do active exercise for their healthy physical and mental growth.

They have short hair and colors that show ranging from reddish brown to white. There are also completely white Shiba Inu, but it is not the most common to be found. The Shiba Inu are very intelligent dogs , but sometimes so much that for simple orders like sitting or giving up, it costs them a little.

Shikoku inu

Shikoku inu, originally from Kochi in Japan, used to be used in hunting large animals such as wild boars or deer. Three varieties of this breed are known: Awa, Hongawa and Hata.

In appearance, it is identical to the Shiba inu, although it is noticeably larger. It is included within the breeds of medium puppies . It can measure between 43-55 cm of height and weigh about 20-23 kilos. Its muzzle is short, its ears small and of triangular form, and its coat can be of three colors: white and near, predominantly black, and black with red details.

He is an agile and energetic dog , at the same time faithful . He does not usually suffer from any problem or illness. They remain normally healthy, except for mild eye problems.

Hokkaido inu

The Hokkaido inu, medium or large in size, is a strong dog , with sturdy and straight ends. It is thought that his race may have come from China, although its origins date back 3000 years.

It is a dog that has historically been used for both larger game hunting, for example for bones, and for hunting wild boars or pups. His race is included within the Spitz. Normally, they present a genetic predisposition of good health, without congenital problems.

They are very active, so they need several daily walks and physical activity, otherwise, it can show great weight gains, something that should be taken into account before adopting a dog of this breed. His ideal would be between 20 and even 30 kilos.

The most common color of these dogs is the color beige, although the chromatic range that these dogs can present is very wide.

Kishu inu

The Kishu ino has remained as the island’s local dog that has the same for hundreds of years. It is a dog little known by the west. In the past, your hair had striking colors, but over time, the more common varieties become white, beige and black.

The physiognomy is robust, with two layers of coarse hair. The cause is usually curved upward, and the ears are short and very hairy.

His character is calm and docile . Although, depending on the degree of exercise they perform, it may vary. If they do not burn all the energy they can become very nervous dogs. In these states, their barks are continuous and strong.

Their ideal environment would be a large terrain or a playground where they could play and exercise guard dog functions.

Tosa inu

The history of Tosa Inu is relatively short. It is the fruit of the crosses that will be able to obtain a dog of big size and, therefore, it was crossed with Bulldog, Dogo Argentino and Saint Bernard.

Undoubtedly, it is exceptionally brave and strong , in fact, it is currently used in Japan for combat, although they are neither violent nor end in death. Still, YourCatCareguide does not completely agree on using this dog to carry out such practices that can have fatal consequences on inexperienced owners.

Currently the Tosa inu is a great company dog ​​that has a stable character and can live without any problems with other animals. You also get along with the little ones in the house.

His muzzle is medium in size, slightly broad and his nose is black. The ears are small in reaction to the size of the head, and their eyes are also small and brown-earth colored with garnet tones. It is a very beautiful and impressive dog.

Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz is a descendant of the variety of Spitz dogs that arrived around the year 1920 to Japan. It is a medium-sized dog that usually does not exceed 35 cm in height.

He has long hair and although he is not one of the dogs that looses more , loose enough and so you will have to brush it often. They are white in color and calm character although the minimum noise will warn you .

This Japanese dog breed is ideal to be with all family members, but must be alert with the unknown because they are very suspicious. The Japanese Spitz is much less known than its direct cousins ​​like Samoyed and the American Eskimo.

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