Is it wrong to berate dogs?

Dogs do not always behave well, however, reprimanding a dog is not an effective solution to stop carrying out behavior that we do not like. This is because most behavior problems are directly related to deficiencies in basic care.

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Does your dog have inappropriate behaviors? Do not know how to act when you ignore him? Do not know what to do when something breaks? All these situations are more habitual than you think and many people are going through the same.

Keep reading this Animal Expert article and find out if it is bad to scold dogs and how we should act when they behave badly.

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Reprimanding the dog under certain circumstances is a serious mistake

Understanding the dog’s natural behavior and communication is not always easy, especially if our best friend did some feat and we are mad at him. However, his expressions, the sounds and the position he adopts can reveal much about what we should do:

For example, if a dog growls is warning us and telling us to leave him alone, he is feeling sick and he does not want us to continue with what we are doing. In these cases scolding and scolding with the dog can be counterproductive since we are saying that growling is bad and should go straight to the bite. Find out why your dog growls before you scold him. Something similar happens when they show their teeth and close their eyes, the meaning is very similar to growling: do not annoy me!

Another circumstance in which we should never reprimand a dog is when we notice some of the usual behavioral problems in dogs. The separation anxiety (we got home and found all broken and bitten, the dog barking incessantly, etc) the fears and phobias and other behaviors that are not normal positive and should be evaluated by a professional. Reprimanding a dog who has behavior problems will generate stress and nervousness, thereby worsening the problem he already had.

If you watch your dog with his ears lowered, his tail between his legs or trying to smell is a sign that he is having a bad time and is afraid of himself . Do not continue with this technique.

Also, we must not forget that hitting a dog is considered as mistreatment of animals. You should treat him as you would treat your own child: resorting to specialists if you observe any problem concerning your health or behavior and try to understand it through positivity and comfort. If you do not consider eliminating the punishment of your day to day, it is best that you do not have an animal as noble as the dog at your side.

How should we act in the face of misbehavior?

If your dog behaves badly on a regular basis you should plan a trip to a specialist such as an ethologist : a veterinarian specializing in canine behavior. By observing your behavior and the basic knowledge of the dog’s habits and cares, the ethologist will be able to offer you a diagnosis and guidelines to follow in the face of negative behavior.

Revisar as 5 liberdades do bem-estar animal pode ser uma pequena orientação na hora de saber se está cumprindo ou não com os cuidados imprescindíveis para o cão. Por exemplo, a falta de passeios pode propiciar o aparecimento de nervosismo e condutas destrutivas enquanto que um cão que vive na rua ou passa demasiado tempo sozinho pode sentir-se abandonado e portanto pode começar a gerar condutas repetitivas e destrutivas para chamar a nossa atenção de alguma forma.

When we surprise our dog with a behavior that is not ideal we should try to turn around and redirect his behavior to something that pleases us. For example, if our dog bites all our furniture we should approach quickly with a toy and congratulate him when he bites. If the dog urinates at home do not berate him: he must predict when to urinate the next time and get ahead of the events down the street. Then he should enthusiastically congratulate them on reminding them where to do it.

As you can see, we are basing all of the dog’s education on positive reinforcement . Because? It is the method used by canine trainers and ethologists around the world, since it does not allow the degradation of behavior problems and has a great advantage: it helps the dog to understand better. In addition, it improves your relationship and generates a premise of good behavior = premium, which will help us improve all the aspects that we want to work with.

The constant practice of obedience, patience, positive reinforcement, respect and sincere affection towards the animal will help to achieve a better relationship and therefore to work properly the problems that may arise without the use of punishment .

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