Is it normal for my puppy to bite so much?

The arrival of a puppy is a time of great emotion and tenderness, however, the human family will soon discover that educating and raising a dog is not as simple as it may seem.

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Puppies need a lot of care and to cover their needs is very important, since we must not forget that they arrive at an environment that is strange to them when they were abruptly separated from their mother and siblings. But what are the behaviors we should and should not allow? In this article of YourCatCareguide you will be able to find out if it is normal for a dog to bite a lot .

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The bite on puppies puppies

The puppies bite a lot, and more, they tend to bite everything, but it is something completely normal and also necessary for its proper development. It is also important for them to develop the so-called “sweet mouth,” meaning that they have the ability to bite unharmed in their adulthood. If by inhibiting this behavior, our dog may suffer a lack of exploratory behavior in the future, which will affect negatively.

The bite in dogs is a way of knowing and exploring the surrounding environment, since they also exercise the sense of touch through the mouth. In addition, due to the great energy that dogs have, this need to explore the surroundings is even greater and the bite is the main way to satisfy their curiosity.

Another fact that should not be overlooked is that the dogs have milk teeth that must be replaced by definitive teeth and until this process is not complete, they feel discomfort , which can be relieved by the bite.

My dog ​​bites everything, is it really normal?

It is important to emphasize that until 3 weeks of life we should allow our dog to bite everything that he wants. This does not mean that we should leave shoes or valuable objects within reach, on the contrary, must have toys to bite (and specific for puppies), and we should even allow them to nibble at us, is getting to know us and is exploring, this is something positive for him.

Do not forget that when you leave home and the dog is unattended, it is essential to leave him in a dog park. This will prevent you from biting all the objects you find around the house.

Remember that although your puppy is biting all day, at first you do not have to worry , biting is a much needed thing for a puppy as much as sleeping, that’s why puppies sleep is characterized by occupying a large part of the day. You only have to worry if your puppy bites too hard or if it bites aggressively with any member of the family, whether it’s a human or another pet .

In other cases, although it is normal behavior, it is important to set some limits so that as the dog grows, do not misunderstand our intention to let it explore the surroundings with your teeth.

How to Manage a Dog’s Bite

Here are some basic guidelines for this typical behavior of the puppy to be managed in a healthy way and does not trigger problems in its future behavior:

  • Starting from the base that the dog needs to nibble on, it is best to offer him toys specially designed for this purpose and make it clear that this is what he can bite, congratulating him whenever he uses them.
  • From three weeks of age, every time the dog bites we give a little squeal and we move away, ignoring the dog for a minute. Since he will want to play with us, little by little he will understand what the level of acceptable bite is. Each time we depart we must include an order, “loose” or “wide” that will later help us in the dog’s basic obedience.
  • Avoid overexciting the dog, this can lead to a stronger and uncontrolled bite. You can play biting with him but always quiet and quiet.
  • When the dog understands the limits and does not bite what we forbid, it is important to positively reinforce this. We can use food, friendly words and even affection.
  • Avoid having children play biting with the puppy, they should always interact with a toy that prevents any accidents.

Although it is normal and necessary for your dog to spend a great deal of time biting, this simple advice will help your dog’s development to happen in the best possible way.

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