Is it normal for a dog to chew on his nails?

The obsessive behaviors or destructive in dogs should never be ignored or seen as something normal as something like boredom, which may seem so insignificant, can reach to become a serious problem if not treated in time.

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This occurs with certain behaviors, such as when your dog scratches his nails. At first it may go unnoticed or seem rather casual, but if it becomes something frequent then it is time to act. Keep reading this YourCatCareguide article and find out if it ‘s normal for your dog to chew your nails .

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Roll your nails

If you notice that your dog bites his nails insistently, you should understand that it is behavior that is not normal in dogs, so it indicates that something is not right.

At first you do not need to be alarmed, but you should try to understand what motivates this behavior to know how you can solve it. If you do not pay attention to it, it can lead to larger complications such as infections resulting from interaction with saliva, wounds if your dog pulls out the entire nail, or to detect late disease.

Next, let’s show you a few reasons why your dog scratches his nails.


Dogs need to have fun and entertain, go out for a walk and play. If you do not offer your dog a daily routine of play, walk, and exercise, you are likely to try to burn your energy in another way, whether you are looking for some home object to bite or destroy, or to chew your nails. In addition, stress and anxiety for some situation can also be manifested in this way.

Long nails

It is important for you to know that trimming your dog’s nails should be part of your usual care routine. Nails that are too long are a problem, as your dog will get hurt by scratching and may get caught in carpets, for example, and can cause pain when walking .

Since dogs today spend more time on cement and asphalt than outdoors, their nails wear out less, so regular maintenance is required. The ideal time to cut them is when listening to them while the dog walks. If you do not know how to do it, any canine hairdresser can cut them for you. In addition, long nails are prone to accumulate dirt and other debris, so your dog may bite them to try to clean them a little.

Foot discomfort

An allergy, something stuck between the toes, tingling sensation caused by a nerve problem, etc., are just a few of the annoyances your dog may suffer on its paws. With this, your dog scratches your nails to try to relieve these sensations . It is even possible to diagnose deviations in the spine and lumbar hernias following an obsession with biting nails and paws. In these cases it is crucial to consult the veterinarian to see what may be happening.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

The appearance of a stereotype should be confirmed by your veterinarian, but certain factors cause this disorder in your dog. It is usually caused by stress, boredom and anxiety , but getting the puppy to play and chasing things that are not there (shadows, lights, pretending to play something) can trigger obsessive and repetitive behavior like this disorder. Before any unusual behavior, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian or ethologist (animal behavior specialist).

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