Is it bad to treat a dog like a baby?

It is always necessary to accept responsibility and to cover the physical, psychological and social needs of any pet before receiving it in our house, in fact, our pet should be considered as “one of the family.”

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However, when this is more a member of the household is taken literally, we treat the dog in a way turns out to be contrary to his nature and can negatively affect his behavior.

In this Animal Expert article we address this issue. Find out then whether it is bad to treat a dog like a baby .

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Similarities between dog and man

First of all it is important to know the similarities between our furry friends and humans. These similarities must be accepted in the same way as the various differences that separate us, only then will we be safe from making a serious mistake, humanizing the dog or treating it as if it were a baby.

Dogs are social mammals just like us, that is, they need to live in groups in order to survive and also reach a full state of well-being , their sociability makes that like us dogs do not tolerate solitude well.

Another aspect that astonishes us about their sensitivity is that due to their fine sensitivity dogs also respond very positively to music, something that was said before, hence the famous phrase “music calms the beasts.”

Differences to be respected

We can not use the similarities we have with dogs to treat them as humans, so we would not be respecting their animal and instinctive nature .

The dog has a great ability to detect stimuli, because his senses have a greater agility than ours, and they are completely instinctive, and this seems to cost us to understand.

It is a serious mistake to project on the dog emotions that are not proper to the canine species, such as revenge. No dog disobeys or causes a small chaos at home for harboring a feeling of revenge. Only by respecting the similarities and differences between dogs and people can one create a beneficial and productive relationship for both parties.

Treating the dog like a baby is a very serious mistake.

Although we are facing a puppy, we must be very careful not to treat him like a baby. For example, when we repeatedly invite a dog to climb up on us, oddly enough, we should evaluate whether we want to do the same when we are an adult . We must understand that the dog needs a coherent order and environment.

Lack of limits and lack of discipline directly leads the dog to suffer from behavioral disordersand even to be aggressive. Complications from lack of discipline can be very serious.

The dog needs an active routine, very different from that of a baby, in which we must include exercise, walking, practicing obedience, and socializing . We must understand that the dog has a nature of his own which includes smelling urines, drooling and performing unconventional acts for us humans. Understanding that the dog is not a human being is fully compatible with a caring and affectionate attitude towards him, it simply is not the same one that should receive a baby.

Advice for having a happy and balanced dog

Avoid the main mistakes of humanization and give your dog the attitude that he needs to feel happy in the bosom of his human family:

  • Do not get your dog in your arms (this can create a great sense of insecurity)
  • The love you give your dog should always come with boundaries and discipline
  • Your dog’s needs are not the same as yours, as the owner must meet your needs, this includes daily exercise
  • The dog needs and contact with other animals, so must socialize it since puppy.

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