Does it hurt to bitch the bitch after the birth?

After the birth of the bitch, it is common for the mother to generate a bad smell, both by the vaginal discharges and by the puppies that are constantly on top of her to suckle. In addition, if it is summer, the heat causes the odors to increase in intensity. But as owners, we want our bitch to be as comfortable and comfortable as possible at the moment.

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In YourCatCareguide we will try to answer a doubt that many owners usually have, if it is bad to give a bath to the bitch after the birth . There is no yes or no, but time and advice to obtain the best results during the postpartum period.

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Characteristics of a postpartum bitch

In the first 48 hours after birth , our dog will be physically and mentally exhausted, just like women do. We are facing a bitch with little or no appetite, no energy, who just wants to sleep. The delivery leaves them very stressed and they just need to rest, because in the first hours they have 6 or 8 puppies clinging to their breasts 20 hours a day.

Your recovery will be natural and spontaneous, but in some cases, especially the first time, it can take up to 1 week. But there are certain precautions that we must take into account before bathing. We do not recommend giving her bath before the first week postpartum , as we do not want to add more stress to the mother’s life, and the worst of it is that the puppies will continue to get dirty. You will continue to have vaginal discharges for 1 week to 10 days after giving birth.

What you can do is wipe it with damp cloths with warm water. This will make the bitch feel better, because nobody likes to be dirty and smelly and we do not take risks with the little ones, which as they still can not see, often until they find the breast, they suck anywhere and we can intoxicate them with the soap we use. You can also use wet wipes.

Apart from the bath, there are other factors that you have to take into account with your furry mom. Let’s explain to them what they are next.

The feeding

Although it is advisable to help a bitch take care of her puppies when she is very weak or seems exhausted, the truth is that the mother will take care of almost everything when it comes to the puppies, while we should take care of her. At first we mentioned that it may happen that she does not eat in the first few days, but we can not allow that to happen. The puppies will be nursing all the nutrients that inhabit it, so you must have reserves for it.

We can choose a ration for puppies , which is a very nutritious and nutritious food for these phases of life. Overall, we will need a food with many proteins , so we may consider choosing homemade food.

The feeder should always be clean , to eat at the moment you wish, and the puppies allow. It should not be far from where she sleeps with the little ones. So it is with water. The bitch lost a lot of fluid during childbirth and now, nursing the little ones, we do not want her to be dehydrated. If you see that she does not eat or drink, you should consult your veterinarian. Sometimes bitches devote so much to their puppies that they forget about themselves.

Avoid breast damage

The breasts should also be under our care, especially for two reasons: the health of the female and the health of the puppies . We must make sure that the puppies are properly fed, that they have enough milk and that they do not abuse only one breast, leaving it almost dry and in pain.

The breasts can get sick, causing a mastitis and much pain in the mother, reason why it will move away the puppies, preventing them from eating. It can happen with 1 or more breasts and the main signal will be the appearance of fever or of high temperatures in the zone. You should consult your veterinarian whenever you notice these symptoms, to treat the problem as soon as possible.

During the first month of life of the puppies, appear the milk teeth and, with them, the lesions on the bitch’s breasts. Some bitches take away those who can eat alone, but when they can not eat alone, they should be aware and separate them.

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