Is it true that dogs look like owners?

If you are aware enough when walking through the streets or public parks, you will eventually find that some dogs mysteriously resemble their owners. In many cases and strangely, pets can be so similar that they look like miniature clones.

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It is not a rule but often, to a certain extent people end up being very similar to their pets and vice versa. In fact, in some parts of the world competitions are held to see which owner is more like your dog. There is some science that supports this popular idea. In YourCatCareguide we investigated the subject and did not surprise us to find some data of this myth, that is not so myth, and we revealed the answer. Is it true that dogs look like their owners? Keep reading!

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A family tendency

What makes people relate to then choose a dog as pet is not so much at the conscious level. People do not say, “This dog looks like me or will look like it in a few years.” However, in some cases, people may experience what psychologists call ” the mere effect of exposure .”

There is a psychological-cerebral mechanism that explains this phenomenon and, although subtle, it is quite marked and in many cases it is obvious. The answer to success has to do with the word “familiarity,” everything that is familiar will be approved at first sight because it has a positive feeling load around you.

When we see ourselves in the mirror, in certain reflections and in photos, every day, and at the unconscious level, the general features of our own face seem too familiar to us. Science suggests that, as in the case of everything we have seen many times, we should be very delighted with our faces. For dogs that look like their owners are part of this mirror effect. The dog ends up being a kind of reflective surface of its human companion, our pet reminds us of our face and this is a nice feeling we transfer to them.

Scientific explanation

In several studies during the 1990s, behavioral scientists found some people who look so much like their dogs that outside observers could perfectly match humans and dogs based solely on photographs. In addition, they suggested that this phenomenon could be universal and very common, regardless of culture, race, country of residence, etc.

In these experiments, the participants were shown three images, one person and two dogs, and were asked to match the owners with the animals. The contest participants successfully matched 16 races with their owners for a total of 25 pairs of images. When people decide to choose a dog as a pet , some take some time because they look for one that resembles them to some extent, and when they come face to face with the person they get what they want.

The eyes, the window of the soul

This is a statement known worldwide that really has to do with our personality and the way we see life. Sadahiko Nakajima, a Japanese psychologist at Kwansei Gakuin University, suggests in her latest investigations in 2013 that it is the eyes that hold the fundamental similarity between people .

She conducted studies where she selected photos of dogs and people who had the section of the nose and mouth covered and only the eyes uncovered. Yet the participants succeeded in choosing the dogs together with their respective owners. However, when the opposite was done and if it covered the eye region, the participants of the test failed to hit.

So, before the question, it is true that the dogs look like their owners , we can respond without any doubt that yes. In some cases the appearances are more noticeable than in others but, in the majority, there are similarities that do not go unnoticed. Moreover, the said similarities do not always coincide with the physical aspect, since, as was said in the previous point, when choosing a pet, we unconsciously seek one that resembles us, whether in appearance or in personality . So if we are quiet we will choose a quiet dog, while if we are active we will look for one that can follow our rhythm.

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