Is it bad to sleep with my dog?

Sleeping with a dog provides a very special feeling, whether it’s for closeness, warmth or the warmth of resting together. However, many people have their doubts covering the effect that this act can have on our health.

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If you’re wondering, Is it bad to sleep with my dog? either because it does or because it simply wants to know, in this article of the Expert Animal we take all doubts.

Keep reading and find out if sleeping with your dog is good or bad.

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Is it healthy or not?

Sleeping with a dog is not really bad , especially if you are totally healthy, clean and free of parasites . However, the dog strolls the street daily at least twice a day. This routine causes dirt and causes the animal to catch some disease. Still, here are some tips to avoid it:

Visit the veterinarian every 6 months to rule out diseases. This assumes having the vaccine schedule up to date . On the other hand, desparasite your dog (internally and externally) on a regular basis.

Wash your dog every month or every month and a half and brush your dog to eliminate dead hair and prevent parasites. Lastly we recommend cleaning your paws after each ride.

What should we take into account?

If you decide to sleep with your dog, it is important that you pay attention to these details, whether for your safety, the dog’s or for hygiene :

  • If you have a dog you should be very careful not to crush it while you sleep.
  • It will also be important to consider a possible bed fall.
  • Caution with dogs that still urinate at home.
  • Try not to let your dog climb into bed if they just come back from the ride. Clean your paws to keep dirt from getting stuck in your sheets.
  • Brush your puppy so you do not leave the dead in bed.
  • Check your dog regularly to make sure he has no parasites.
  • Probably one of you will wind up waking up every other day.

Benefits of Sleeping with Your Dog

Sleeping with your dog is a unique experience that, once you try it, will be hard not to repeat. You should know that dogs are social animals that love spending time with their family members. This means that most likely your dog will love to include you in your bed and this will help strengthen your bond .

In addition, sleeping together provides a unique pleasure and relaxation, a sense of calm and reliability. A feeling of rapport, warmth and relaxation. So sleeping with your puppy will make you happier and will help you sleep better (as long as you are not a very hectic dog). Your breathing will help you fall asleep more easily.

Lastly, we invite you to try it out to know how it feels to wake up with your best friend. A unique sensation!

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