Presenting the baby to your dog properly

Knowing how to present the baby to the dogcorrectly is very important for anyone who is going to be a mother or father, because despite knowing well the personality of your pet, we know that can be a little unpredictable. Especially if there is something new in the middle.

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All family members are going to be changed when the baby arrives, we talk about schedules, routines or perceptions, and in the same way that it can affect the people who live in the house, all the animals in the house will feel it, including their dog.

At the outset, if you have managed to educate your dog and have confidence in him you can rest easy. But even so, read this article from YourCatCareguide in which we will give you some tips on how to present the baby to your dog correctly .

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Before the arrival of the baby prepare your dog

To avoid unforeseen events, it is very important that you have everything under control in advance. For this, we need to prepare our dog before the dog-baby presentation happens.

The key is to focus on two pillars: education or discipline and the right association. The first one will give us security in our dog knowing that he obeys us and responds to our orders in any circumstance, while the second will teach the dog everything that is good at the arrival of the baby . But we can not change the dog’s chip overnight, so it’s important to do everything in advance. Learn more about these two pillars below.

Educate your dog to trust him more

It may be that your dog has acquired bad habits or not, it all depends on each case, although it is normal for all dogs to have some behaviors to improve , although they are often not especially problematic. Sometimes the dog does what he wants.

If your dog behaves very well, it will be enough to work obedience orders on a daily basis . It will make you comfortable knowing that your dog hears what it says and that it follows its directions. However, if your dog has a serious behavior problem or believes that it will not be able to control the situation well it is crucial to consult a canine educator . At the outset no parent leaves their newborn baby without proper supervision, but anything can happen. That is why it is essential to be prepared.

What will help to avoid this unpredictability? The fact that you have offered an education, even if it is basic, to your dog. Do not forget that the use of punishment or physical force is totally forbidden. You should educate your puppy with positive reinforcement if you want him to have a positive attitude towards the baby and with anyone.

Prepare a positive association

Just as we try to associate the car rides or veterinary consultations with positive things, with the little baby we should also associate their presence with pleasant factors for your dog. So, before the baby arrives, prepare the house with your things: clothes, creams, lotions, diapers … In addition, you should follow these advices that will help you understand the new situation:

  • Whenever you enter the baby’s room, allow him to smell , sniffing helps you relax and helps you know and relate stimuli, it’s a positive attitude. I preached it every time I do it with snacks or with kind words.
  • Practice dressage orders in the baby’s room to relate that place with obedience and positive reinforcement. Never punish him or drive him out with words.
  • Do not have an altered attitude, try to convey to your dog peace of mind at all times, especially in the baby’s room. Your character will totally influence your dog, keep that in mind.

A calm and positive presentation

In the first days it is totally understandable that it does not allow a direct contact between the dog and the baby, however it is very important to make him participate in the situation andto allow him to accompany and observe them at all times.

You should make sure there is no hostility related to the baby, so do not scold him at any time. Ask your partner to help you whenever you need to, but always use positive reinforcement.

It should present the baby and the dog in a moment of tranquility and total calm . Try not to have other stimuli in the middle, just the baby, the dog, and your smile. At first it will be ideal to let him sniff his little feet , never anything too direct. Ask your partner to accompany you at all times to make the time even more special.

Think the dog may not have seen yet other baby and do not know what this small animal is. However, it is usual for dogs to understand and sympathize. If you convey to your dog confidence and security, he will understand and respect the newcomer.

Little by little you will observe how your dog’s reaction is and to what extent it can allow them to approach each other. And if you suspect that your puppy might be jealous of your baby , you should consult as soon as possible an ethologist or canine educator.

And then…

Try always better the relationship as we explain, with the positive reinforcement, joy and appropriate medication of the limits that must place between both. You are the person who knows the best of both family members, so little by little you will discover how to act and work with them .

Now you have a great job ahead of you, continue to enjoy a happy family.

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