Introducing a New Dog at Home

Do you like dogs and want to have more than one at home? This is something that sounds pretty good in theory, but in practice, it is a bit more complex than simply bringing another pet to live with you under one roof.

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To introduce a new dog at home so that the dynamics stay the same and does not affect any family member, the most important thing is to consider life at home and analyze the personality and habits of the other dog afterwards to bring the right companion.

Before taking a second dog home, we invite you to read this article from YourCatCareguide, where we will explain how best to do so that the arrival of this new pet is a great experience for the whole family.

Little by little you get far

Knowing the behavior of your pet in relation to other dogs is a great way to check if you could be available emotionally for the arrival of another dog in your territory.

Although properly socialized , you should observe how your dog interacts with other animals the first time you see them. From time to time, take new animals home and pay attention to how your best friend relates to them and sharing their personal space.

Dogs should know each other carefully and calmly, do not lose sight of them by leaving them alone in the garden. Always go little by little, you will not want to press your dog and bring him to reactivity or apprehension.

When you have already chosen the most indicated

Once you believe you have found the perfect match for your pet, you should make the first encounter in a neutral territory . It is preferable that the two have the collar placed, should you need to correct some movement with a negative tendency or to separate them.

When you get to the park let them both look at each other, but do not approach them. After a few minutes, start walking and let each of you naturally become familiar with the other. Keep them separated by an approximate distance of 2 meters between them. This will be a simple energy theme. While they are separated, you can give each one a toy belonging to the other dog to get used to the smell. Remember that dogs are animals with high olfactory abilities.

The approach

Everything must be progressive. The next day or the same day, depending on your dog’s sociability, repeat the previous action. If you see that you have not created an anxious environment, you can bring them closer together .

It would be good if the place where they are is as open as possible. This will prevent the two dogs from feeling trapped or trapped and will encourage natural behavior. In this case you can use the long guides, or if you see that they are totally calm with the whole situation, you can let them always remain close to them. Let them smell for a few minutes and then divert attention (usually) to another action.

If all is well and the puppies begin to play, let them do it for a while. However, from time to time redirect your attention to other group activities, such as continuing walking and playing chase. The goal is for all these interactions in neutral spaces to begin and end in a totally positive way.

Time to go home

We reach the point and the place that interests us most, the house. Remember first that these first contacts will set the tone of the relationship. Take the two dogs home, but first take them to the garden to interact with each other. If you see that all goes well, open the door to the house and let them in by accompanying them throughout the process. The new puppy will smell everything (let him do this as it is a new territory) and the resident dog will be very attentive to their behavior to react in one way or another.

Allow interaction between them but be short and positive. We want to prevent these interactions from becoming too long and becoming too intense. If there is any sign of strain, move them away and try again later, never press any of the two dogs to accept it.

Do not forget you must have prepared a second feeder, a second bed to new toys so there is no conflict between one and the other.

When you are away from home

In the first few days when you need to leave the house and as your pets become accustomed to each other and share territories, separate your spaces. This will help avoid fights in your absence and minimize negative behaviors in both dogs.

When you get home, join them and spend quality time with both . It is important to know that although the “new” dog in the family represents a companion for the “old” dog, it is by no means a substitute for his presence and affection.

It worked?

You will know that your dog is happy and is becoming accustomed to the presence of the new member, when he does not chase after him all the time smelling his footsteps, he is anxious to smell every place he has been or just let him do his normal life in the house. It will be the indirect way your dog has to welcome your new friend .

Other Recommendations

  • Combine personalities : If your dog is already old and calm, do not take a hyperactive dog home, look for a quiet character like him. We should try to make everyone feel good.
  • Sufficient for all : Toys, beds, food containers … Also we mean your presence. They need you, so your hands, kisses and caresses should multiply by two, as well as all the personal objects of each.
  • Be aware of body language and be aware of the signals they emit between them, but do not force them to interact. Growlings can be simple alerts like a “leave me alone” so you do not have to worry.
  • Avoid jealousy, be sure to give each person your attention and at the same time your group attention.

Do not forget that conflicts may arise , so before the adoption of your puppy assess whether you are prepared to take extra expense in case you have to consult a canine ethologist or educator.

You should also assess the importance and benefits of sterilizing your pet . Especially if you are thinking of adopting a dog of the other sex and can not economically maintain a litter , you should think about castrating one of the dogs, or both.

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