I go on vacation – where do I leave my cat?

Before adopting a cat, or any other animal, it is very important to consider all the responsibilities that this entails. In particular, where to leave the cats during your vacation, is an issue that can not be forgotten at all!

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We know that feline longings are terrible when we are on vacation. If our kitten could answer calls, we would be calling him all the time to find out if he is okay!

YourCatCareguide wrote this article to answer your question: I’m going on vacation – where do I leave my cat? Let’s tell you what are the best alternatives so you can go on vacation, knowing your feline is well!

Where to leave the animals on vacation

Many people find that the seemingly more independent personality of cats, allows them to be alone at home without any problem. Attention, this is not true! Cats need daily care, do not just leave kilos and food and liters of water available and leave a week and leave the cat alone. Like dogs, cats need to have someone take care of them and make sure everything is going well during their absence. There are several options for keeping your cat safe during your vacation.

Leave the cat at home.

The most common option among tutors is to leave the cat at home and ask someone to visit and take care of the cat every day. The best environment for the cat is undoubtedly his home. The cats very stress out when they have to leave home . Most likely, when you arrive at an unknown location, the cat tries to escape as quickly as possible.

You can leave your cat alone at home as long as a person goes every day to see how he is and perform the following tasks:

  • Clean the litter box;
  • Change and clean feeder and drinking fountain;
  • Play with the cat;
  • Give medication (if needed).

Cats are very sensitive and stress very easily. Some cats may become more stressed and even stop eating during their absence. This fasting can lead to problems like hepatic lipidosis or kidney problems . The same can happen if you put all the food on the first day, doing the math for the days that the cat will be alone. Most cats will eat triple in the first few days, which means they will not have food for the last few days, which is quite serious and puts the animal’s health at risk.

The water is essential . Cats are very picky about cleaning their drinking fountain. Most cats, if the pot of water is dirty, it will not drink!

The litter box also needs to be cleaned daily . Cats love cleaning! Depending on the type of sand , you should ensure that it is changed more or less regularly.

So you should talk to a family member or friend of yours who likes cats and have at least one hour available (at least) to visit your bigeye every day. Another option is to hire a professional petsitter . Nowadays there are many specialized services, including veterinary clinics already have this service. If you have this financial possibility, it is always better to hire a professional who will know immediately if something is wrong with the feline because he is trained and prepared for it. This is also the best option for cats who need special care, for example those who are taking some medication.

Cat alone on the weekend

Several tutors ask themselves: How many days can I leave a cat alone at home ? Can I leave the cat alone on the weekend?

The answer is no! We do not advise the cat to stay alone for more than a day . Something can happen to him and there is no one to call the vet. Something simple as he eating all the food on the first day and staying fast on the following days can also happen, which can lead to serious problems as we have already mentioned. Even if it’s just a weekend, ask a friend to visit the cat every day or, better yet, hire a professional petsitting service.

Cats enjoy their time well when you are not present. They do several things when they are alone . But they always need the human company, even if it is to ensure that all resources are present, water, food, cleaning the box. Cats that live alone (without the presence of other cats) still need humans to meet their social needs. Therefore, it is very important that someone be with the cat daily, to meet all his needs and ensure the welfare.

Hotels for cats

The option of taking the cat to one of these cat hotels may be of interest to more outgoing cats . This type of service has the advantage of always having someone present at the hotel to ensure that all is well with your feline. Some hotels even have a permanent veterinary service, which gives extra security so you can go on a restful vacation.

This is also the best option for cats who are taking a medication that requires multiple administrations per day.

However, if you have a healthy and shy cat (like most cats), this option is less advantageous than hiring a professional petsitter. Cats stress very easily and their home is where they feel most comfortable and calm.

Of course we can not generalize because it all depends on the petsitter and the hotel! There are 5 star hotels for cats with all the conditions the cat needs to spend a great week.

It is best to evaluate the different options available in your area of ​​residence . Ask your usual veterinary clinic and research various options on the internet and with your neighbors who also have pets. Read and see customer reviews. Choose the option that you consider best suits your feline and of course, your wallet. What has to be out of the question is to leave the bigeye alone at home , without any supervision, throughout your absence!

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