Iguana Care

If you have an Iguana or are planning to adopt one, it is very important that you investigate the care you need and need. These will vary depending on their species, their size, age or gender.

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Iguanas are very beautiful exotic pets that unlike other species need a suitable habitat as well as temperature or food. Continue reading this article from Animal Expert to learn all about iguana care .

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The iguana terrarium

The ideal measures for an iguana to be comfortable in your terrarium will depend mainly on your age. If we speak of a young specimen, with a terrarium of 80 x 50 x 100 cm will be more than enough, but reaching adulthood, taking into account that they can reach two meters in length will have to adapt the terrarium to their measurements, looking one of larger size if required.

What should I have in your terrarium?

  • A glass or ceramic feeder
  • A water cooler
  • A fluorescent tube to ensure your iguana synthesizes vitamin D
  • A lamp that acts as heating
  • Artificial shrub
  • Stones and decorative plants

Optionally, it may also include a container of water that makes a place for a bathtub.

The temperature at which an iguana can grow in its terrarium under the best conditions throughout the day is between 27ºC and 33ºC . However, at night you have to lower the temperature to 22ºC or 25ºC. You can control this factor through a thermometer that you find inside the terrarium.

Feeding of iguanas

The iguana is an animal that is changing its food as it goes from young to adult. In the first two years the iguanas are an insectivorous animal and therefore will have to feed it with small insects.

When you pass this period and become an adult is when it is completely herbivorous, they stop liking insects, and start feeding on leaves, flowers, vegetables and dried fruits.

It is important to note that iguanas have to eat daily . among the foods that should never ingest are all those that are made of animal proteins, such as meat or feed. Nor should they eat citrus fruits like orange or lemon.

Other iguana care

It is very advisable to spend time with your iguana because being a wild animal can be aggressive and especially can hurt if you attack with your tail. To avoid this you have to play with her every day since she was little so she gets used to you and knows you.

Among other iguana care is also interesting that your iguana has some drafts so you can reduce body temperature. And if you see that you have ticks do not worry because it’s normal, simply remove them with tweezers.

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