Fish ideal for beginners

Fish, as a rule, are sensitive animals that need specific care to survive. Normally we all want large aquariums with lots of exotic and flashy fish, however, if we do not have experience in fish care, we should not simply be guided by the aspect without regard to whether they are too delicate species and can easily get sick. Therefore, it is important that when you have the first aquarium, adopt resistant and peaceful species , that do not give problems and adapt well to coexistence with other fish.

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If you are thinking of setting up your first aquarium and do not know which species are the best ones to start with, in this article the Animal Expert will tell you which are the best fish for beginners .

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It is a very extensive fish family. It is characterized by its elongated shape and lateral compression, in addition to having large scales and teeth at the back of the larynx. Most are gregarious fish , so we must adopt several of the same species so that they can live together. Some of the members of this large family are ideal fish for beginners, as we explain below:

  • Chinese Neon : Perfectly fits aquariums without heater, feed on any small fish food and are not especially sensitive to changes.
  • Danios : There are many varieties of Danios that we can easily find in fish shops. They are not at all aggressive and, like the Chinese neons, feed easily with any food for small fish.
  • Rasboras : They are tranquil fish that must live with other fish of the same character. For a beginner are advisable the harlequin or lines.


It is a very large family coming from South America. They are usually small in size and need to live in groups, are very peaceful and coexist very well with fish of other species. In addition, they are very resistant fish that survive in aquariums with little oxygen. It is often thought that these fish serve to eat the debris of the aquarium, but nothing further from the reality, although they usually stay at the bottom of the aquarium looking for food, need fish food , so it is recommended to feed them with special food to background fish.

There are very sensitive coridors that die quickly, however there are other species very resistant and therefore they become ideal fish for beginners. Some of them are the coridora bronze, the coridora leopard, the coridora opossum, the coridora tail-spotted, the coridora mascarada or coridora panda.

Rainbow Fish

These fish are very striking because of their cheerful colors. They are from the region of Australia, New Guinea and Madagascar. They need to live in groups of more than six fish to grow up happy and stable.

They are a very recommendable option for those who have never had fish and want to start with a aquarium full of color . Their maintenance is easy, but because they are active fish, they need the aquarium big enough so they can move at will. In addition, the water of the aquarium should be between 22 and 26ºC.

Some of the rainbow fish families recommended for beginners are the Australian, the Boesemani rainbow and the Turkish rainbow.

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