Is it necessary to cross a dog?

If you like dogs, you will surely be enchanted by the image of a litter of puppies and, even more so if the puppies are close to their mother and are being breastfed, it is clear that for any lover of dogs this image may seem like one of the things more tender than he can live, though only as a mere spectator.

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Leaving us lead by this tender image or often believing it necessary and beneficial for our puppy to cross it to breed, we end up with a litter of puppies at home. But this is something that needs great responsibility and reflection.

Is it necessary to cross a dog? Does that have any kind of benefit for him? What should be taken into account? Let’s address these and other issues in this YourCatCareguide article.

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Dog Crossing, Is It Necessary Or Not?

When we talk about crossing a dog we are talking about joining a male and a female to reproduce and have offspring .

We humans believe that it is necessary for the dogs to reproduce to have a full emotional development and to feel their full life cycle, however, this is a merely human perception since the dogs have no notion about the reproductive meaning of their life .

Dogs can have a completely normal development without breeding, so you should know that crossing a dog does not improve your health .

Castration avoids health problems

Just as crossing a dog does not have beneficial repercussions on your health, castration is an adequate measure to improve your quality of life:

  • In bitches it prevents pyometra and reduces the risks of presenting breast tumors, vaginal problems and ovarian tumors.
  • By neutering a male dog, prostate problems (abscesses, cysts, enlargement) are avoided and the risk of hormone-dependent tumors decreases.

Castration involves some risks, but these are minimal and are those that are associated with any other type of surgical intervention; in addition, performed in young dogs is a fairly safe practice .

Crossbreeding can be a traumatic experience.

Sometimes when our pet is a bitch, we want to cross it to be able to observe the miracle of life in our own house, which makes a lot of sense when there are children in the house, since it can be a wonderful and didactic experience as few.

But you must be very careful, because although this experience can be wonderful, it can also be traumatic , since during the delivery of the bitch can arise numerous problems, it can happen to the bitch to stress and sacrifice the puppies considering that they will be born in a hostile environment.

Imagine that the experience was negative? This would be fatal for the bitch and also for the little ones in the house.

The first responsibility

Two owners decide to cross their dogs because each human family wants to have a new puppy in their home, but the little bitches usually have litters of between 3 and 5 puppies , and the big bitches between 7 and 9. So before deciding whether or not to cross your dog should take into account the following:

  • It is very difficult to ensure that each of the puppies will be adopted in a house where they provide all the care they need.
  • It should not only take into account the offspring of your dog, but the future offspring of your litter, since a bitch and her future offspring can produce up to 67,000 dogs in 5 years.
  • If at the end you get each puppy to make a good home, you should know that it is less likely that these families will adopt other dogs that are in animal shelters.
  • The fact that the puppies are of a certain breed does not guarantee that they will end up in good hands, since 25% of the dogs that stay in refuges and shelters are purebred dogs.

Therefore, in addition to not needing to cross your dog, this is not a recommendable practice since it increases the abandonment of animals .

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