Can I sleep with my rabbit?

Many people are rabbit lovers and prefer to have them as pets instead of choosing a dog or cat. These animals look like little clouds, they are hairy and chubby like teddy bears that just feel like embracing all day. For this reason, some people have the following doubts. ” Can I sleep with my rabbit? ”

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Although it is comfortable for some people, and after some time a rabbit can get used to anything, especially jumping from a certain height and then returning to bedtime, it is important to consider some considerations before letting him sleep in the bed. So if you have a rabbit and are wondering if you can sleep with it, keep reading this article from the Animal Expert where we tell you what is most convenient for the rest and well-being of your pet.

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Sleep or not sleep with my rabbit?

The truth is that there is nothing transcendental that forbids you from sleeping with your rabbit, it will not be like sleeping with a snake or a lizard. It all depends on how polite your rabbit is, how clean and healthy it is. However, as long as you have all of the above, it is crucial that you take into account some aspects before you make the decision . In the Animal Expert we tell you what they are:

  • The hair and some germs of the rabbits can, over time, bring respiratory problems and allergies. If you have allergies, asthma or symptoms (sneezing, red nose), do not let your rabbit sleep in your bed because your condition may worsen.
  • The rabbits do not sleep day or night. They are considered crepuscular animals , that is, they are more active at dawn and dusk. Your rabbit will not follow your natural rhythm of sleep. As stated earlier, you will be very active during the night (peak time between 00:00 and 02:00) and early in the morning (between 5:00 and 6:00). While you want to sleep pleasantly and rest, your bunny will be running, jumping, chewing, eating and exploring, which will surely interrupt your sleep.
  • If your rabbit is not willing to do the necessities in a particular place that you have destined for it, you can choose your bed as a bathroom and at night you can urinate or defecate in it. Also, remember that your rabbit will also want to mark territory with urine. Rabbits can be trained to do their needs in a certain place, such as cats, but even when they are well-ducked they may have some accidents. However, rabbits are very clean animals, if you have a place where you can get used to them, you may not even need to educate them.

Your rabbit is very fluffy and soft but …

Certainly when looking at your sweet and adorable rabbit wants to offer you the best care and provide you all the comfort you can, so ask yourself if you can sleep with your rabbit. However, to decide the most appropriate option for you and for him, do not forget the following points:

  • Rabbits are mischievous and therefore yours will try to play with you at night . You may even bite your ears or toes for attention.
  • Rabbits are delicate creatures and one of the points that may worry you as the owner of a rabbit is to hurt you without realizing it when turning at night during sleep. This fear can be reduced if the animal is a rabbit of very large breed, such as the giant flamingo rabbit.
  • If you feel like you should sleep with your rabbit, try to put your mattress on the ground so your bed is less tall so you can prevent your rabbit from falling and being injured.
  • Maybe one morning forget that your rabbit is very comfortable under the sheets or simply is not paying attention, and it is possible that it wraps between the fabric, the goal in the washing machine, the laundry or throw it when You’re fixing the bed and your bunny is flying.

If after considering the above points decided that you can not sleep with your rabbit, do not worry, there is another alternative. Many people ask this question because they can not stand to see their pet sleeping in the cage. Well, to avoid it you have the option to get a rabbit bedand place it next to your bed. This way, although he does not sleep in the same bed as him, he will feel that he has black of itself and that he also enjoys a comfortable mattress.

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