Can I bathe a puppy cat?

There is a widespread belief in the feline world that cats are not very fond of water. We will not deny it completely, but rather clarify that if our animal has been accustomed since childhood, it will be much easier to accustom the cat to water. Nowadays, there are different options in the market to sanitize our cats, such as brushes, dry baths with certain products, hygienizing foams, etc … But we must not forget that the breeds of long hair and light colors are the ones that most need proper hygiene, just like cats who are accustomed to going out and coming home with all sorts of things in their hair.

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Also, we should not forget that it is not advisable to bathe before 6 months of life, when most of the vaccines and immune system (defenses) is more developed, this is because the bath itself, stress and we can cause other problems that we should avoid.

There are many questions and a few less solutions: If I find newborn kittens on the street, can I give them a bath? Continue reading this article from Animal Expert and you will have the answers to the following question … Can I bathe a puppy cat?

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To bathe or not to bathe?

The cat’s hygiene is something as important as sleep and food. They do it normally on their own, with their tongues, and they help with their paws, moistening them with their tongue, like a sponge. It is also advisable to brush them to remove dead hair as it benefits the condition of the skin, helps a smaller intake of hairs and is a pleasant time for cats that normally like to be brushed.

For bathing and brushing, it is best to get them used to small and gradually, do not force it if they do not want to. Sometimes we see that they come and go as if it is a game, something that is positive. We can also, after a session of brushing or a bath, finish with caresses and games, this way we help to reduce stress.

In long-haired cats , such as Persian, it is convenient to start accustoming them since puppies. So can we bathe newborn cats? As we said before, it is best to start at 6 months , so that it becomes a routine in your life.

How to bathe kittens?

Bathing newborn cats is very common when we find orphaned kittens , but let’s warn, it will not be a simple task. We must do so to avoid infections in your skin and also because it is a fundamental task of the mother at the time of her birth.

We talk about this step by step for the most fearful, since they usually have millions of doubts and fears when cleaning small cats:

  1. Open the faucet where it will wash it until it reaches a warm, almost pleasant temperature for our hand. Think your body temperature is 38.5 ° C to 39 ° C , and we want this experience to be pleasurable for them. Use a thermometer if necessary.
  2. With one hand hold the kitten and with the other wet its hind legs, always behind forwards and not the goal under the tap, this can be very traumatic and bring many unwanted physiological consequences.
  3. Put 2 or 3 drops of cat shampoo (if you can not, use glycerin soap ) on your fingers and then lather and then rinse in the wet areas to remove traces of urine and feces that may have stuck.
  4. Rinse and dry the kitten with a very soft towel . Do not let them get moist as they can catch a cold easily and even fungi, which will be very difficult for them to combat because of their young age.

Do not forget that kittens can not use aggressive or anti-parasitic soaps because of the strong impact they can have on their health. Just wash your back legs (or the body itself) when it is really dirty. Consult your veterinarian whenever you have questions.

We can repeat this process to eliminate odors and trying to be the most compatible with a mother cat, who cleans them several times a day. You can also use moist wipes for the same purpose. Who likes to see their kids dirty?

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