Can I cross two brothers dogs?

The idea of ​​breeding brother dogs is not just a bad practice. It is an irresponsible action whose consequences are unforeseeable. However, there is much more than we can think of. Professional dog breeders use this feature for a variety of reasons that we will later reveal.

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If it is a non-advisable practice, if the practitioner is a professional who knows what he is doing, and considers all the inconvenient and inconvenient factors that may derive from it, it is admissible as an exception.

Continue reading this article from YourCatCareguide to know if you can cross two brothers dogsand what the consequences of this act.

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How are dog breeders? How do they work?

Responsible breeders

As is always the case in any human activity, there are professionals who are responsible and professional (if we can call them that) bad or very bad. This means that the ability to cross two sibling dogs that many professionals use, applies differently in each case.

Breeders apply this dangerous feature to try to correct certain phenotypes, or characteristics that prevail in a particular breed canine. They do it with care and always evaluate the overall consequences that the action will cause.

However, this type of act can have fatal consequences if one does not know the genetic line of both dogs, causing the appearance of hereditary and congenital diseases. A responsible professional will only carry out this act very punctually and concretely in just one genetic line.

Irresponsible breeders

The bad creators carry out this practice without thinking or evaluating the consequences. They do not care about the collateral damage their litters may suffer as they grow. With this they can greatly impoverish the genetic load of the dog and cause many problems to the poor animal, and therefore to his caretakers.

The German Shepherd dog is perhaps the most punished breed in this respect. Bad practice in breeding usually manifests itself in a lack of German Shepherd intelligence, and in successive illnesses during his adulthood. Virtually all German Shepherd puppies suffer from hip dysplasiawhen they reach their adult or elderly stage.

Reasons to cross breeding dogs

Professional and responsible dog breeders use cross-breeding in a measured way and evaluate the consequences. At the same time they invest authentic fortunes in males and females of other genetic lines . In this way they reinforce the positive genetic diversity in future crosses. Still, and although they are occasional situations, it is not advisable to cross breeding dogs.

However, mediocre breeders do not spend a dime on new breeders. The only important thing for them is for the dogs to look cute and cheap so they can sell them well. If the dog is sick, aggressive, dizzy, weak character … this is no longer their problem because they have already gained from it.

What happens if sibling dogs are crossed?

Forget the idea of ​​putting into practice the crossing of sibling dogs. It is not a question of face or crown, in which the coin is thrown into the air and if it turns out face the dogs come out well, and if crown comes out badly.

The normal thing is that they go wrong in both cases (face and crown) and that they go well only when the coin after being thrown into the air falls on the ground and stands on its side. Something quite improbable!

Endogamy in dogs

Inbreeding is when you cross members of the same family (human or animal), or a very small social group. The genetic impoverishment of these crosses, very occasionally begets beautiful beings, and much more habitually, aberrant beings.

Inbreeding, sooner or later, causes many degenerations among the groups that practice it. Pharaonic lines, royal lines and some spheres of economic, social, or religious power have denied this despicable practice.

Needs such as preserving blood purity, blue blood, or economic status to stay all “in the family” were detrimental to health for those who practiced it. The story is a good proof of this.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest that you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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