How to train according to the type of body?

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Genetics plays a fundamental role in the development of people. Especially in the form that your body has.

And this is a subject that you should take into account at the moment when you want to get fit. You should exercise according to your body type.

A study (1) showed that people have different caloric expenses in activities that are not necessarily exercises.

We talk about writing, walking around the mall or even at home, among other hundreds of physical activities that we do in our day to day.

We separated 30 individuals in which they were given to consume the same amount of calories and to do the same activities. Then they denoted that each burned a different amount of calories.

If you are one of those people who always go to the gym, they do their routine, they take a good diet, but the months go by and you do not get the expected results.

It is possible that you are fighting against your genetics.

Or rather:

You have to know your genetics so that you can define the type of exercises and feeding that you must follow to get the expected results.

So it will be a lot easier to get to have the body you want. No frustrations in between.

Thus, you should be aware that you must follow a special type of diet, as well as an exercise routine.

You have to put all your effort and you will see how in just weeks you will see the results you want.

What are the body types?

Depending on your overall dimensions, you can belong to one of the three different types of body shape.

The three body types we are talking about are:

  • Ectomorph
  • Endomorph
  • Mesoform [19659019] Image result for types of body “/>

    People do not necessarily belong to one or the other. There are many who have a mixture of two of them. This was shown by a review (2) in more than 500 men and about 300 women.

    Each of them has specific characteristics and it is important that you know them.

    So you have an information very useful when it comes to training and defining your muscles. In such a way that you can optimize the exercise time and food intake to achieve the results you are looking for, without overworking.

    It may seem child's play, but the truth is that it is not.

    Just look in the mirror you will know what type of body you have and we will provide you with the tools so you know how to maximize it.

    We assure you that you will achieve it.

    1- Body ectomorfo

    Insurance that you have a friend who does not stop eating but never gets fat. His frame is always very thin and he does not have to worry about his weight.

    Although he wants to try to get fat and eats everything, there is no way for him to raise a gram

    Foto: Pixabay

    Well this friend or maybe it's you, it's because genetics have an ectomorph body

    The characteristics of ectomorph bodies are:

    • Relatively small and delicate bone structure
    • It's hard to gain weight
    • Flat chest
    • Small shoulders
    • Delgado
    • Small muscle mass
    • Rapid metabolism

    Due to its thin build it is very difficult for it to develop muscle because in its genetic structure it does not have them.

    It is also added that it has a fast metabolism, so it burns more calories than it is able to eat.

    A study (3) showed that people with lesions in the hypothalamus find it difficult to assimilate more nutrients from food . Since there is a relationship between this area of ​​the brain and hormonal regulation.

    One of the main problems of ectomorph is that they have a hard time eating. This is why they have a hard time gaining weight and their metabolism does not forgive.

    They should eat between 6 and 7 meals a day, however.

    You should ask yourself how to do that if you have trouble eating:

    ideal is that they are small meals, but that they are distributed throughout the day, even just before sleeping.

    What to eat?

    Carbohydrates should be the protagonists of your diet. Going even to exceed 50 or 55% of the calories you consume.

    Foods rich in carbohydrates such as:

    Pasta, rice, breads, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava and the occumo become your allies. They will also give you energy.

    You should first check if you do not have problems to similar starch, otherwise it will not help.

    This was determined by a study (4) in which if you do not produce enough amylase you will not be able to increase your body mass index if you consume frequent starch.

    Proteins will be important for muscle recovery.

    Also to help you form the little muscle you have and increase it . Lean meats and legumes will be very important.

    The always healthy fat, a lot of avocado, coconut, nuts before and after training and olive oil in your chips and as a dressing.

    The ectomorphs are lucky that they can even do a cheat meal (eat junk food) at least once a week or even two without it being a big trauma for them.

    Even in your diet you should analyze the possibility of supplement with protein powder . It can help you gain some muscle.

    • The ideal exercises for ectomorphs

    As you do not have much muscle you must preserve the one you have and make it grow.

    Although you must do strength exercises you should not abuse them.

    You should do explosive sessions without carrying the maximum weight. Reps that do not exceed 8.

    Remember that the number of repetitions you perform is closely related to your goal .

    You have to work as many muscles per day. That's why you should vary between weights and machines, bench press, legs, chin-ups.

    Also squats and strides in which your body is your own weight.

    Then you must rest for more than 48 hours before exercising again. same muscle group to avoid injury and additional wear.

    Cardio is not your friend. Ideally, do not spend about 10 minutes jogging or cycling.

    2- Mesomorph Body


    This is what many personal trainers call the perfect bodies.

    For them it's much easier to get fit.

    The only thing you have to be careful of is not gaining much fat. So they have to be careful what they eat.

    The characteristics of a mesomorphic body are:

    • Athletic
    • Body generally hard, usually have well-defined muscles
    • Rectangular shaped body
    • ] They gain muscle mass easily
    • They also tend to gain weight faster than ectomorphs

    The mesomorphic body responds best when it comes to gaining weight and physical training. The results are visible quickly. Especially for those who are starting in the gym or training routines.

    That is why personal trainers love this type of body. It makes the job very easy since they get results faster and with this the frustrations do not appear so fast.

    • The feeding for the mesomorphs

      [19659039] When you gain muscle so fast you have to pay special attention to what you eat.

      You have to eat about 5 or 6 times a day. Although on other occasions we have already mentioned that it does not matter how many times you eat a day.

      The important thing is that you cover your caloric and macronutrient needs that you can calculate with our calculator of calories and macros .

      Muscles should feed continuously, so protein should be the queen of your diet. Of course you should give priority to lean meats and legumes.

      But do not stay alone with them, there are more than 40 foods rich in protein that you can include in your diet.

      Of consuming a lot of beef and egg, the percentage of fat goes up very fast and you have to pay attention to this.

      The carbos must have them under control. That does not exceed more than 30% of your diet.

      Fat only healthy and putting a lot of eye. Do not overdo it with nuts because they are very caloric.

      Do not even think about approaching sweets or sugars because you're going to lose the muscle you created. You will increase the fat of your organism and it is not a very good idea.

      • Exercises for the mesomorphs

      The mesomorphs must combine strength exercises, with many weights, especially at maximum weight.

      They must also do cardio to eliminate the fat that they can gain from eating.

      That's what cardio should be HITT or high intensity interval exercises .

      That is, applying high intensity intervals to make it much more effective.

      3- Endomorphic Body

      This is the inverse of the ectomorph.

      That is to say.

      That with only look at the food and get fat. What's worse, they accumulate a lot of fat in their body.

      They are not easy bodies to work with. But that's not why you have to give up. On the contrary it is when more effort has to be done.

      And as we said it's a matter of genetics.

      For example:

      People who have the KSR2 mutation (5) have a basal metabolism slower and more prone to fattening.

      In addition they cost more glucose oxidation so they also have the tendency to get diabetes.

      The characteristics of an endomorphic body are:

      Photo :
      • Body "soft" and "round"
      • They gain muscle mass with great ease, however the same thing tends to happen with fat
      • They are usually short stature
      • They get complicated to lose weight
      • Slow metabolism
      • Muscles unclear
      • Diet for endomorphs

      Being a person who gains fat very easily You should have special attention with the carbos since they should not exceed er 35% of the total calories you ingest.

      This was shown by a review of the role of carbohydrates in people's diets.

      Low carb diets help to lose weight (6) .

      In addition, the carbons when they enter the body become sugar and can generate insulin resistance, as demonstrated by a study (7) in people suffering from obesity.

      Vegetables are your allies because it offers you satiety very fast and you bring less calories to your body.

      Fiber also must accompany you. For this consumes a lot of fruit in the early hours of the day especially at breakfast .

      Rice and wholemeal pasta should become your key pieces of the diet.

      Proteins you must go porlas plant origin and those of lean meats.

      As for healthy fats it is best to be careful, regulate it to only olive oil and avocado.

      The nuts are very caloric, so you should eat it occasionally.

      Of course, nothing sweet, pastries, soda.

      Water and natural juices have to accompany them in your day to day.

      • The exercises for endomorphs

      The first thing you should do is get rid of the fat that you have in your body.

      That's why you should do cardiovascular exercise, especially the HITT. The intervals of intensity will make you burn much more fat.

      Once you have lowered the levels of fat in your body you can start working with strength exercises so you can tone the muscle you have in mind.

      You must do many repetitions, series that reach 15.

      You must vary between squats, deadlifts, bench presses, rowing, pullups, push-ups, pressmilitaries and trash press.

      Combine own weight with an additional one.


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