How To Train a Maltese

Adopted or are you planning to adopt a Maltese Bichon? It is a small breed that originated in the Mediterranean, in fact, its name refers to the island of Malta (however, there is still some controversy regarding this statement), although it is believed that it was the Phoenicians who brought the Egypt the ancestors of this race.

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With a puppet-like appearance and a size that makes it ideal to fit any space, the Maltese Bichon is an excellent companion dog for both older people and families with children.

Of course, this canine breed needs proper training, just like any other breed, so in this article from YourCatCareguide we will explain how to train a Maltese .

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The temperament of a Maltese

Each dog has a genuine and unique character, however each canine breed presents some characteristics that are generic and of course many of them are positive, whenever the dog has been socialized and educated properly.

It is an active, intelligent, affectionate and friendly dog ; in addition, as with other small dogs, such as the Yorkshire Terrier, it is an excellent watch dog, which although it can not defend the house, will warning of any strange presence.

Ride your dog daily

Once your first vaccinations have been given to your puppy and a deworming has been done, you can start walking outdoors, with a more mature immune system prepared for this exposure.

Maltese is a small dog and in this sense does not need to carry out much physical exercise, but of course it is imperative to take you for a walk twice a day . This practice not only strengthens the relationship between owner and pet, but also helps channel the dog’s energy, discipline it in a healthy way and is imperative for the puppy’s socialization .

The socialization of the Maltese Bichon is necessary to be able to interact harmoniously with other pets, but it is also very important if children live in the house , since this dog will be an excellent companion if it has been socialized properly, whenever the little ones of the house understand that it is a living being and must be cared for and respected.

Use positive reinforcement

Like any other dog, Maltese responds well to positive reinforcement , which in a simplified way could be translated as the practice through which the dog is not punished for its mistakes, but is rewarded for what it does well .

Proper canine training should not only be based on positive reinforcement, but also requires a lot of patience. This means that teaching you new orders should be carried out daily (2 to 3 times a day), but for periods of no more than 10 minutes and in a distraction-free environment.

Among the first basic orders to teach your dog, one of the most important is that he come when to call , as it is crucial to have minimal control over your pet.

As with other dogs, as the Maltese Bichon moves forward in its training, it is important that you learn to sit down, to do it also when you serve your food, not hurrying to it. This is because if you can control a dog with food, it will be much easier to control it in any other situation, with obedience being an essential capacity for good canine training.

In addition to coming when you call and sit down, the dog should learn other basic dressage orders such as lying still or lying down.

The game as an educational tool

Maltese is an active dog and so it is important that you have at your disposal several toys, this way you will be entertained and can properly channel your energy.

The game is also an educational tool, since aggressive behaviors can arise during the game and a calm and “No” attitude towards them, it will allow correcting this and causing the puppy to grow to a balanced behavior.

Do not forget that a dog that has not received education of any kind and that does not walk or mentally stimulate is susceptible to suffer from behavioral problems. For this reason, pay close attention and spend time every day, as well as company, affection and education. If you treat him with respect and affection, you will have an excellent life partner at his side.

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