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Dressage is as important as vaccination, deworming and general dog care. Labrador puppies, like other dogs, should be socialized from puppies to become sociable and balanced dogs in adulthood. Either way, even if you adopt an adult labrador puppy, it can and should be trained. Although it may take longer, with proper training techniques you can teach and help your puppy to be more sociable and happy.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we will teach you how to train a labrador . Keep reading!

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Educate labrador puppy

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most charming and popular dogs in the world. He is an extremely intelligent dog, very docile, kind and also very patient. Because it is one of the breeds of dogs most prone to obesity , it is indispensable to spend several hours playing with it, exercising and everything that allows it to keep in good shape and healthy. That is why it is so important to train the puppy as a puppy so that it is sociable and learn to play on a daily basis to spend the enormous amount of energy it has.

How to train a 3 month labrador

Since this is a very sociable dog, it is relatively easy to train the Labrador Retriever. If you are wondering about how to train a baby labrador , these are two key points:

  • Sociabilizar the puppy puppy with different people animals and objects: this point is fundamental, so that your dog is not afraid in adulthood and can live harmoniously not only with humans as with other dogs and even with other species. The more situations your puppy puppy experiences, the better it will be for him. Read all the necessary information about socializing a puppy correctly in our article on that subject.
  • Teach basic commands : basic commands are essential to psychologically stimulate the dog, they are not just a trick. Through positive reinforcement techniques, that is, reward the dog with a treat or affection whenever the dog obeys the command, you will see that your labrador will learn very fast the basic commands like: Sit! Stay! Lies down! Come here! Together! Read our full article with explanations on each of the basic commands for dogs .

How to Teach a Labrador to Do the Right Place

As with basic commands, it is essential that you keep in mind that positive reinforcement is for everything you want to teach your dog, including teaching the labrador to make needs in the right place . That is, each time your pup puppy makes the needs in the intended place, offer him a snack that he likes very much.

It is important that you have regularity in the hours you take your puppy to the street. So it’s easier for him to get used to waiting for those hours and not doing his needs at home.

In the beginning, it is important to have a zone of the house with many newspapers on the ground, so that the dog can do his needs there if he can not stand until the time to go for a walk. Before the age of six months , it is perfectly normal for the dog to still need indoors. Some dogs may take longer to learn. You should remember that dogs, like people, have different learning times and not all puppies take the time to assimilate what you want them to learn. Be patient and remind yourself that he does not do anything out of spite, he is just learning to live within his house before his rules and it is not always easy.

Read our article with a full explanation on teaching the dog to pee in the right place .

How to train a labrador to walk

So that the rides are safe and your dog does not run away whenever he sees another dog or a cat, it is important that you adhere him to walk along. However, this does not mean that your dog should always walk with you, you should also let him express himself freely and fully enjoy the ride.

If your dog has already learned the basic “together” and “here” commands we mentioned earlier, it will be much easier to train him at the time of the tour.

The process is very easy, just mention the dog’s name and the word “together” and reinforce positively if it obeys. Read our article that explains step by step how to teach the dog to walk together .

How to train labrador not to jump

Excessive dog excitement can make him jump with joy to greet people. We know that it is very annoying and uncomfortable for some people this behavior and may even be dangerous in the case of children, since the labrador puppy has an average size and can easily knock down a small child.

For this reason, it is important that through positive reinforcement you adhere the labrador to not jump . The “sit” and “stay” commands are essential to this process. Ideally, you should practice every day for 5/10 minutes and always offer a snack or affection as a reward. This way, the moment you realize that your labrador puppy will jump, use these basic commands to prevent him from doing so.

To read more about how to prevent the dog from jumping on people , read our full article on that subject.

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